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Windows eight complaints

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    I'm just tired of all the win 8 bashing by people not willing to give it a chance... do you have to relearn everything... yes, will it take 6-10 hours before you know all the functions yes..., will you be able to do everything you did plus more yes...

    P.S. P4 was in the bone yard like 5+ years ago ... no wonder you can't learn a new system

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    Hey, I learned it. Just agreed with the gentleman. What do y'all do for a living? Cut and wash hair? Next, you'll tell me that you've got more education than me. It's your turn.
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    will you be able to do everything you did plus more yes...
    No - it depends what you do.

    Those of us who go a little deeper find we cannot ( or have additional hurdles ) do what we have been able to do with windows up to now.

    It is made for people who want to jab at a square and do a little browsing/fbooking, etc.

    Fine - there is a big market for that.

    If MS can grab a share of that and lead people unsuspecting into their online services and forthcoming subscription charges - then they will make more profit.

    It is not suitable for everyone.
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    im not saying there wont be additional hurdles, but with updates and tweaks and custom made apps I think it will far supersede any other version IMO. if you don't agree you have the right to, but im really curious what services you feel you are missing (don't say a friggen start button lol)
    its evolution
    evole or perish... Darwinism at its finest
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    Quote Originally Posted by slowhand818 View Post
    Windows 8 is rubbish!!!!!! I want my money back!
    MS might well give you your money back as it must be less than seven days that you have had a valid product key!
    I did read about someone who got a refund.

    Alternatively you could sell your product key.

    Source Forge do a free start button which works quite well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinsilhouette View Post

    1. Not Difficult To Access Safe Mode!

    and how you do it ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ivy8 View Post
    ....if you are using a Pentium 4, you shouldn't have access to a PC. Its 2012, not 2002.

    Completely agree with this one.
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    It's not services that are missing - it's not about custom apps.

    It is about lack of control over the o/s - the kind of control we used to have.

    A couple of simple examples - there are considerable difficulties with permissions if you want to make changes to files - or access/customise many things in the windows directory. There has been a deliberate removal of functions from explorer - more specifically shell32 - making it near impossible to create your own mini o/s , or a decent pe ( assuming you know what that is ).

    It is pretty much do it the MS way - or don't do it at all.

    It used to be "It's your pc " - not with win8 it isn't.

    You may not follow what I am talking about - that shows we do different things.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

    Hey, that's cool. I just hit a level of Status Quo that would've taken a couple of months to elevate. My P4 does about the same speed as my 1964 Ford Falcon Futura Tudor Sedan w/ 302CID HO engine in the garage. I hope I'm not off topic, gentlemen.
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    lol you mean like a mac??

    and yes I agree there was a deliberate removal of functions because for a normal consumer they aren't required, and with more cloud based servers and homegroups for quick installation over several computers its not really necessary....
    win 8 is not a server based OS... nor is it marketed that way... also look into getting the enterprise version apparently it has many of those features you are looking for (don't know 100%)
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    No, it doesn't - I am already quite familiar with the other editions - I am not looking for features - I like to have control - you used to get that with Windows - now you don't.

    It simply is not Your PC any more.

    That is the problem with win8 - not the kiddie Ui.
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Windows eight complaints
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