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Ok, what version to buy?

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    Windows7, 8 pretty soon

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    The newer OEM/System Builder license is applicable for home hobbyists, you can upgrade hardware and you can move it to a different machine, as long as it's removed from the first machine.

    It's $100 for WIndows 8 and $140 for WIndows 8 Pro. Available via Amazon and NewEgg for sure at this time.
    Yes, regarding the upgrade versions, many have been using workarounds and even phone activation works at times.
    Cuz they present u with the option of clean installation but it is not mean for real clean installation meaning the drive cannot be formatted which is not being notified during the procedure and after everything is done in accordance with steps presented by the setup the key becomes invalid. Which is bull.

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    The thing with licensing is, it should be clear. The upgrade should only allow upgrades, while the full should be able to get a system with a brand new 100% blank hard drive up and running.

    The problem is that these ugprades/upgraders get clever. (installing from installed but non-activated previous OS, installing from WIndows 8 preview release, installing from free 90 day enterprise eval).

    People take advantage of every loophole they can find. I say if you are going to upgrade 1 and only 1 machine and not format repeatedly and reinstall..get the $39 upgrade. If on the other hand, you will tinker and screw around, you should buy the $139 OEM/SYstem builder version or perhaps invest in a Technet subscription and use that for your personal machines.

    As far as the workarounds above, lets say you have Vista, and legit bought and paid the $39 for an upgrade. Now, 6 months down the road your hard drive dies, and you don't have an image. You buy a new hard drive and put it into the box. It would be nice to be able to just load WIndws 8 straight up without having to load any previous OS....but if you could just load WIndows 7 and leave it unactivated and then upgrade/Clean install from that...I think that is acceptable.
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Ok, what version to buy?
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