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Bought 32-bit - Wanted 64-bit

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    Bought 32-bit - Wanted 64-bit

    I bought my Windows 8 upgrade from my 32-bit Windows 7 computer. As I bought from a 32-bit computer I got the 32-bit iso of Windows 8.

    Is there any way I can get the 64-bit iso?

    Would I be able to use my 32-bit product key with the 64-bit version?

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    Try redownloadingthe x64, from the email link the.

    Quote Originally Posted by Your Windows Store email
    If you need to download Windows, write down your new product key and enter it here.
    Than make the ISO, & burn to DVD or USB pendrive.
    Create Bootable USB or DVD with Windows 8 ISO
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    That link would only download the 32-bit version again
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    Quote Originally Posted by Denis54 View Post
    That link would only download the 32-bit version again
    His answer wasn't complete, the upgrade assistant will download either x64 or x86 version of win8 based on ur current os architecture.
    Use an x64 win7 machine to re-download win8 and burn the iso to a dvd and use that dvd to install it over ur x86 os.
    U should be able to activate it using ur key, but if u run into problems with activation call MS.
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    I am beginning to believe theog is an idiot on this board. I'm new here but I've check a number of his posts and he is advising folks to do crazy seems on purpose. Like telling folks you can download either 32 or 64 bit. Most of you know by now that isn't going in happen. The download analyses your computer and will only upgrade your computer based on which you will not have a choice. To change a computer from 32 bit to 64 bit you will have to purchase a physical disk, either 32 or 64 and do a clean install. That is assuming your cpu is 64 bit capable. Another thing you can do if you have already purchased the download is if you have the 64 bit version of your previous os then do a clean install with it then re-download your new purchase of Windows 8 Pro, let it analyse your computer and it will automatically install the upgraded 64 bit os. That is exactly what I did and all things went just fine. And theog, stop misleading's not nice. If this forum can ban this guy then they should.
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Bought 32-bit - Wanted 64-bit
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