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Intel(R) Network Connections

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    Intel(R) Network Connections

    Hi everyone,

    I began installing my Win8 Pro upgrade last night from Win7 Ultimate. Everything went smoothly until the compatibility portion:
    Click image for larger version

    Prior to me updating that network driver, it listed the 15.xx version as incompatible. I've since updated it to the 17.3 driver version which is the most up to date I could find but I still get this error. I haven't actually tried uninstalling it and then hoping it works because I don't believe that is a logical work around- that is, Win8 would never finish installing without a consistent internet connection during the upgrade process.

    Is anyone else running into this? I'm not sure what else to do besides wait for a fix.

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    I have Intel Network Connections on my Windows 7 64-bit system. The Windows 8 upgrade won't install until it's removed ... but I've tried uninstalling it and the uninstaller won't work. And like you, I'm not really sure of the consequences of removing it. So I'm stuck. Hope there's some help with this. It's frustrating.
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    windows 7

    cant remember what version of Intel Network Connections I have installed on my windows 7 (64 bit) laptop,
    but am having the exact same problem as the posters above, to complete the windows 8 setup I am asked to remove the Intel Network Connections files / drivers ect, but when I click on uninstall it says it cannot uninstall ??????


    set windows 7 to compatability mode & gave myself administrator privledges but made no difference
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    thing to try first :

    reboot in safe mode and uninstall the NIC drivers, and then unistall the Network Connection

    if it don't work you have a registry corruption, Intel as a walk true but it's a pain if you not use to play with the registry
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    Linux Lite 3.2 x64

    Similar problem here. I'm not sure if I will lose just a user interface or some basic functionality. Intel doesn't seem to be dealing with this problem.
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Intel(R) Network Connections
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