I am currently running my OS on an SSD and I'm saving all my games and personal files on my HDD, my library is also on my HDD (edited it in the registry).

I want to install windows 8 on my computer here, already bought it but it is only giving me the option to do a completely fresh install. It says that it will still save my old data in the windows.old folder, but I was wondering if it will take my personal files from my HDD to the windows.old folder on my SSD. The SSD is only 128 gb so there won't be enough to store my complete library.

Will it only overwrite my OS on my SSD or will it clean all my files on my HDD aswell? I'm afraid to lose all of my data, I have no disk here where I can make a full backup of my games/documents. I was just wondering if the fresh install would wipe all of my data on my HDD, where my library is.

Thank you very much in advance for the support!
~ Arne