Hello, downloaded windows 8 pro onto a windows 7 64 bit pc, get to the stage where it asks you to personalise your system with the colours however I can't get past this part because neither my mouse or keyboard works, they're plugged in but nothing, I use a razer black widow and a razer naga mouse, neither work, I also have a razer mamba, again doesn't work, I used a spare rubbish mouse, doesn't work, I then proceeded to try a cheap wireless keyboard but to no avail. I honestly don't know what to do since if I restart my pc it then says after rebooting that windows installation was not successful and restores windows 7 back to how it was and thus the cycle begins, my last thinking is to take my hard drive and use my friends pc to try and install it. By the way I am installing it onto an ssd, I have a hdd as well by that doesn't have either OS on.