Hello everyone. Yesterday I chose to take my $15 upgrade to windows 8 because I bought a Lenovo laptop on June 10th. I got an email saying to download the windows upgrade assistant, so I did. However, it completely downloaded Windows 8 a day early. I checked the properties by right clicking my computer and it said I had windows 8 pro and was activated. I had a product key and everything was working at first.

I noticed some of the icons from my live tiles were disappearing as time went on. The colored tiles were there but the white icons were not. A simple reboot solved this but it would happen again. Whenever I tried to browse files in metro(modern) applications, I was not able to. A screen would come up and they would crash. My people app would also fail to load my Facebook and twitter feeds.

I decided I would try a refresh. I wrote a new image by using command prompt so I could save all my desktop applications and music but it was taking forever. I left it on overnight and woke up with a 96 gb image. I tried to refresh but it said I needed 30 more gb of free space. Instead of doing that, I decided to just do a reset.

my reset has been going on for 2 hours and is only at 34%. Is something seriously wrong with my install? What is going on? I have never had any problems with windows and my laptop isn't that old. I had like 300gb of things on my hard drive (including the 96gb image) so is that's what is taking so long? My regular installation wasn't very fast either. What's going on?