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"Windows 8 installation unsuccessful, reverting back to previous versi

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    Oxymoron? Depends on the service you get I suppose. I haven't used MS Support since XP SP2 days but they were very helpful at the time if I recall.

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    Windows Defender takes the place of MSE so you will need to remove it before upgrading. WD looks to me to be just a new version of MSE anyway. As for other virus scanners I don't know if you'll need to remove them but it might not be a bad idea to get 'em off your system first, run the upgrade, then put 'em back if you feel like you need them.

    I've never seen an upgrade go as well as this one has. Because of all the development tools I have my system is fairly complex and I usually wind up having to do a fresh install of everything. So far the thing has been pretty stable. I have a couple minor issues with the hybernation mode and the remote desktop application timing out a lot but other than that it seems good.

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    I would suggest, to have a look into my article below, how to trouble shoot upgrade issues. Maybe it helps to track it down.

    1: Windows 8 Upgrade-Failure troubleshooting and analysis « Borns IT- & Windows-Blog
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    If at first you dont succeed, try, try again...

    This is my weeklong experience of upgrading to Win 8, some of it might be of general interest.

    My setup is a dual-boot laptop (fairly old, HP nx9420 from 2007) with Windows 7 Ultimate on C: and E:. E: had a slightly older setup that hadn't been update for 12 months.
    My first attempt was to install 8 on E: went smoothly, no problems. I was warned for some incompatible applications (Diskeeper defragger and Macrium Reflect Std disk imagining tool), removed them and encountered no problems.
    I then decided to convert C: too to Win 8 as I had a lot more software installed in that system instead of reinstalling those applications in E:
    This time I got no warning about incompatible applications and assumed that was because I had newer versions of many applications in this system. But then, at the end of a drawn out installation process I was told that there was a failure and the old Win 7 system was being reinstalled.
    I then did repeated update attempts, before every attempt removing a group of applications. I started off by those applications missing from the E: system but to no avail. Finally (after a number of days and a lot of removed apps!) I noted that although I hadn't got any warning the presence of Macrium Reflect Pro should have set bells ringing in my head earlier. True enough, with that application removed the update was executed properly. So, using the said application from a rescue CD I loaded back the images I had made of C: and E:, removed Reflect from C: and converted C: to Windows 8 without any problems.
    Then (and only then!) I went to the Macrium website and found that there is an updated version of Reflect for Windows 8. That version now works quite ok in my new Win 8 system.

    So if you encounter problems with upgrades reverting back to Windows 7 , don't despair! Just start stripping out groups of applications from your system and try again. It s a slow process but the only way if you are not able to locate the culprit from the upgrade log.
    You might find it useful to start by cleaning out most everything (or doing a "personal settings only" install) first in order to ascertain that the problem is an application and not the system itself.
    BUT: make certain that you have a valid image of your system partition first so that you can restore it later in the process! (And a working rescue CD or USB in order to be able to run your restore program!)

    Jan Christian
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    I now have Microsoft helping me after a few days wait and service is there.
    So far I tried a "clean" reboot and re-install that does not load any drivers exept those required by MS. Still falls over.
    I've disbaled "auto-reboot" on error and found that my problem seems to be INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE
    I've run a Chkdks /f/r - no luck.
    I've run Belarc Advisor and sent that to them and waiting on next stage.

    I agree with Max Peck. This is my second upgrade and the first was on a dodgy laptop setup and it went so smooooothly.

    Anyway keep listening. Andrew.
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"Windows 8 installation unsuccessful, reverting back to previous versi
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