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Upgrade from Win7 Ultimate "keep nothing" option ONLY

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    Upgrade from Win7 Ultimate "keep nothing" option ONLY

    Hey everyone!
    I've been trying all day to upgrade my Win 7 Ultimate 64bit system to win 8 pro, everything goes fine until I accept the terms and conditions only to see that the only option available for me to keep from my current system is "Nothing". No other options show. Does anyone here have a clue what the reason could be?

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    I finally found what the problem in my system was: I had changed the registry seyting regarding the default program files folder to D:, when I changed it back to C: it worked as it was supposed to! I hope it helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tulumia View Post
    I finally found what the problem in my system was: I had changed the registry seyting regarding the default program files folder to D:, when I changed it back to C: it worked as it was supposed to! I hope it helps!
    Thanks for reporting back with how you fixed the problem.

    BTW. . .Welcome the Eight Forums. . .
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    I think this is the problem I have (or similar). When I installed Win 7 I followed Kari's sevensforums guide to relocate the User and Program data folders to a secondary disk (D) to save ware on the SSD system (C). This was the full relocation during install using the Audit Mode sysprep tool. Subsequently loaded many programs and so am concerned that I will lose all this and have to reinstall.

    Which registry keys did you change, and did you just point back to the alternative folders (D) after the upgrade to Win 8?

    Trying to find the easiest way around this so any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm prety sure it was this:
    System Key:
    Value Name: CommonFilesDir, ProgramFilesDir
    Data Type: REG_SZ (String Value)
    Value Data: Directory Name

    I found the source of the problem by looking at some log files the upgrade process creates. Unfortunately I do not remember the log file name nor the location but there was a "compatibility scan" somewhere which I examined and found a "hardblock" entry due to my default program files directory. After changing that everything worked as it should. Your issue preventing the upgrade could be different, but I think the log file is the place to start. Too bad the upgrade process doesn't give us any clue and we have to dig through the logs to find an answer...

    ...And thanks to Lee for the welcoming message!
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Upgrade from Win7 Ultimate "keep nothing" option ONLY
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