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    Shawn, maybe I missed that part in the tutorial. But usually, if you have dynamic disks, you have more than 4 partitions on the disk. Don't you have to first reduce the number of partitions to at least 4 in order for the reconversion to primaries to work?

    It doesn't appear that you have to. I had 5 partitions on the dynamic disk (step 3G) that was a OS disk, and the disk got converted to basic with the partitions/volumes automatically set to the proper primary and logical partitions afterwards. I didn't have to reduce the partitions first.

    Of course, they were 3 primary and 2 logical partitions though.
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    Thanks Shawn. That's good to know. I never had the situation myself, so I was not certain.
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    Could be different if it had 4 or more primary partitions, but I hadn't been able to test with that.
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    Well, I just tested it - conversion itself works, but you can't go into disk management and edit them afterwards, so it's still (sort of) broken.... It's probably best to make sure you don't have more than 4 primary when converting, so you don't get into a "broken" state later I suppose.
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Dynamic Disk
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