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Triple Booting Win8 with Win7 and XP

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    theog, I don't understand. Why is this not recommended?? What you posted above is almost identical to one of my systems.

    The only difference is my system is:
    C = Windows XP (Drive 1)
    D = Windows 7 (Drive 2 (Partition 1))
    E = Windows 7 (Drive 2 (Partition 2))

    Now for me to install Win8 I will or want to Upgrade Windows 7 on Drive E to Windows 8. This is why I'm asking if it will work, I really don't want to lose the XP or other Win7 installation.

    Note: I will be using Windows 8 Pro NOT the Windows 8 Pro Pack to do this.

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    Why is this not recommended??
    As most new MOBO's have uEFI BIOS, & no driver support for Win XP.
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    If you are doing so to experiment, then virtualizeeverything but one host OS. Restores are much easier, and you don't need to mess around with partitions or boot loaders.
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    Okay, I spent a few days "experimenting" on another system before I did the upgrade.

    The only problem I had was when I installed XP then Win7 and then the second installation of Win7. After the first copy of Win7 was installed the added a second copy, my computer would only boot into WinXp or the second copy of Win7... So I didn't bother trying to fix it, I just again reinstalled everything.

    On my second attempt, everything installed as it should, si the system had WinXP, Win7, Win7...

    Then when I installed Win8 Pro, it went off without a hitch.... The system then showed WinXP, Win7, Win8..

    After playing with that for a few days, and having no problems, I upgraded one copy of Win7 on my main system. As it is right now, it's running perfect. I thought I'd need to use something like EasyBCD but discovered it wasn't needed.

    The boot screen now shows:
    Windows 8
    Windows 7
    Windows XP

    and again all 3 copies (versions) of Windows stayed intact and run very smoothly.

    But now I have one other question, has anyone tried using MicroSoftSecurity Essentials in Windows 8? I can find no definite answer.
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    But now I have one other question, has anyone tried using MicroSoftSecurity Essentials in Windows 8? I can find no definite answer.
    Have you checked on there website for a Windows 8 update.
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    I've looked but can see no update.. but from what I have read, including the system/program compatability program that we can run before the Win8 installation, alot of people are "undecided" as to whether it works or not... I could just try it... I the other programs I use work, so I don't think it'll hurt to try it... if it works, it works... if not, I'll just use another anti-virus....
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Triple Booting Win8 with Win7 and XP
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