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Upgrade Confusion

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    Upgrade Confusion

    If I understand correctly:
    I have two PC's that are identical for my wife and myself.
    We will be upgrading to Win 8 ASAP.

    I want to add new HDD's to each system for the upgrade.

    So my steps are:
    Download the $39.99 upgrade ISO
    Install a copy of XP/Vista/Win7 on the new HDD
    Then run the Win 8 upgrade and select a 'clean' install
    Once complete, run any updates and installs needed (Anti-virus, Office)
    Then create a system restore disk (us old-timers would say 'ghost image the system')

    Then I have a complete way to reinstall without having to reload an older OS.

    Is this correct?


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    I just had a chat with a rep at the online Microsoft Store.
    Basically, I asked if there was anyway to avoid having to reinstall Win 7 any time I had to reload Win 8.
    She said no:
    "If you ever have to reinstall the upgrade you would have to reinstall the 7 first."

    I asked about a system restore, or Ghost, but the answer seemed the same. I am not certain that she understood what I was asking though.

    Can anyone clear this up?

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    Hello Rod, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Microsoft has always allowed customers to be able to do a clean install with their upgrade copy of Windows in the past, but the problem is that no one reallly knows for sure yet with Windwos 8 until we can get our hands on an upgrade copy of Windows 8, and do testing with it.

    If not, then I'm pretty certain that we will still be able to create a system image after the upgrade to Windows 8 was finished to be able to just do a system image recovery without having to say install Windows 7 first then Windows 8 though.

    Hope this helps some,
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    Hello Shawn,
    Yes, it does seem to answer my question.
    I figured that the rep was just not familiar with the Image option or that I did not ask it clearly.

    This has me worried, as I don't want to have to reload an old OS whenever I need to reload Win 8.

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    Most people I speak to don't even realise that they CAN
    do image backups in Vista, 7 and 8.

    It's been my backup method of choice since the Vista beta,
    and would have been since Win 98 if only I could have
    afforded Norton Ghost....:-(.

    I notice that there seems to be less emphasis placed on it in
    Win 8, and hope there are no plans to do away with it.

    Reset and Refresh are in NO way a satisfactory alternative.
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    Hello Rod

    I think this can clear some doubts about the upgrade:

    Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

    This is official Blog from Microsoft. Phone Man gave this link in a thread, so credit goes to him for sharing this with us

    Hope this helps
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Upgrade Confusion
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