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Looking Ahead to Upgrade... Can I Upgrade RC Build and Preserve Apps?

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    Looking Ahead to Upgrade... Can I Upgrade RC Build and Preserve Apps?

    I installed Win 8 RC Build 8400 over Win 7 on my "experimental" spare laptop. I have seen web posts that you cannot directly upgrade Win 8 RC to Win 8 RTM, without going through some special steps and modifying one of the install files.

    My question is is if I purchase WIN 8 Pro on Oct 26 will I be able to easily upgrade to it from my RC Build, preserving setting and apps, or will I have to basically do a clean install or some some "special steps" as in the RTM case to accomplish an upgrade of RC 8400? And by apps I am referring to my installed programs, like Office, Photoshop, Quicken, and tons of other programs I have installed.

    Just looking ahead to how much work I might be facing later this month.......... If I cannot do an easy upgrade install of Win 8 Pro over my RC Build, maybe I will just bag it and forego Win 8 and go back and do a clean install of my Win 7 media. Hopefully I have better choices.
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    I think so, just click Upgrade on the installation process and everything will be intact. Anyway, if you upgrade to Windows 8 RTM and all apps from RC are gone (like what you get from a clean install), you can just sign in on your Windows Live account and re-download all your apps from "my apps" page in the Microsoft Store, though the settings that you had for RC won't get imported.
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    If I'm not mistaken...once the public version is out, one must uninstall the current beta version in order to install and use the new public release. If I remember correctly, it said that somewhere in fine print on the download page of the beta's.
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    I would want to do a clean install of it anyway...just to make sure that all the old bugs where gone.
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Looking Ahead to Upgrade... Can I Upgrade RC Build and Preserve Apps?
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