Just looking for opinions prior to the Release of Windows 8 Professsional [2 weeks out]

No dual booting. [E-Machine has F12/Choose boot device startup option.]

What I'd like.

A 'clean' install of Windows 8 on HD 2
My Windows 7 image placed onto HD1

Current config...

HD1 - No partitions
HD2 - Windows 7 Pro. All programs install, all updates installed, all tweaks configured. [complete]

Steps to get there...

Image HD2 [Windows 7-[complete]
Unplug HD1

Install Windows 8 on HD2 and choose [Don't save anything] aka [clean install]?
Unplug HD2

Plug in HD1
Place the image of Windows 7 Pro [complete] onto HD1

Power down computer.
Plug in both HD's and boot to F12 and chose either Win7[HD1] or Windows 8 [HD2]

Is this possible? Will Windows 8 'allow' a clean install? Will either OS 'see' the other OS and get confused?
Or will I have to keep one HD or the other unplugged...sigh.

ps...I have ran the image on HD1 twice. It worked like a 'charm'. After the image test I deleted all partitions.
So that's where I am at now. Awaitng release like everyobdy else.