This is driving me batty. I have sporadic flickering on both of my monitors. I have tried reseating the video cards, checked the plugs to both monitors, etc... I found a possible solution here My problem is that I cannot make/get my computer to boot from the USB. I tried making a bootable USB with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, formatted it to FAT 32 with the dir pointed at USBImage, then put my bios that I want to flash onto the video cards and atiflash.exe onto the USB. Went into my BIOS and set the USB as the number 1 boot option. I just goes to the Windows 8 logo and locks up...doesn't go into Windows and doesn't boot from the USB. Help?!?!? Thanks in advance.

Win 8 Pro 64 bit
P8Z77-V Pro
Intel i7 3770K