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Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

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    Win 8

    Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

    Hey guys, I have nc6400, with ati mobility radeon x1300 and 6 hours ago I've installed win 8.First I wanted to encounter graphics card problem. It doesn't recognize card, it just says Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I tried updating it with Browse and let me pick option, but without any success. Even tried what this guy recommended, but without luck.

    "I had this problem with a Mobility Radeon X1300. My solution was to use a tool called mobility I found the most recent version of Catalyst that supported my card and put that setup file and the mobility setup file on a flash drive. I then went to a different computer that wasn't running Windows 8 and ran the Catalyst setup file, but after the part where it extracts its files I clicked cancel. Then I installed mobility and navigated to C:\ATI\Support\(your version of catalyst)\Driver and clicked mod. When the tool finished I cut and pasted the entire C:\ATI directory and put it on my flash drive and took it back to my computer that was running Windows 8. I then cut and pasted the ATI directory to the root of that computer's hard drive. I then opened up that directory until I got to the setup.exe file and I ran it and it installed perfectly. When it was done it was running the driver and Catalyst Control Center perfectly."

    When I go to screen resolution options, I can only see Generic Non-pnp Monitor and resolution option (which I can't change): 1024x768

    Haven't find any win 8 drivers for x1300 or any Ati Catalyst Control Center with support for that specific card in combination with win 8 (did find CCC for win 8 but it includes only HD series cards).

    Does anyone have any idea what should I do to solve this? My brain is dead now and I can't think, after 5 hours trying to solve it and my eyes will pop out (cuz of bad mixture of resolution, little blur and other graphics related things), gotta get some sleep...

    I would appreciate any advice, thought, help...

    Thanks in advance,

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    You need to use a Vista driver version, as there are no Win7 or Win8 drivers for that card.
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    Win 8

    Thanks for quick answer, I appreciate it.

    Trust me, I tried every single driver I could find on web. At the moment I'm trying to install Vista drivers through HP SoftPaq Download Manager, that is the last thing I can remember that might work... Will post if it did work.
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    Win 8

    No luck.

    Anyway, I was thinking. Maybe I'm trying the wrong thing. System doesn't recognize graphics card as ATI x1300, but as Microsoft Basic D.A.. What can I do, beside trying to install driver, to make it recognize it, and THEN, if it doesn't work properly, install driver? Hope you know what I wanted to say.

    Here is the list of every single software I've tried:



    ATI VGA Driver

    I've tried running them in compatibility mode as win 7 or Vista, with or without UAC, I tried modding them on my desktop win 7 pc, no luck with anything.

    I would appreciate any idea, especially if it is about following: How to make system, recognize ATI, instead of MBDA???

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Sorry for "links looking" names, I've copied them from Chrome download page.
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    ATI Catalyst how about trying these? with manual installation via device manager?
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    Win 8

    Thanks for your answer and help.

    Unfortunately, I have already tried it. It's in the list above. 10-2_legacy_vista32-64_dd_ccc.exe

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    Win 8

    Already tried everything they offered. I have tried even the modding thing, as you can see in my opening post. I've returned to win7 (since I use laptop 4-5 hours a day, blurry letters made my head hurt) until someone discovers a solution or they make driver for win8.
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    Display driver for X1300-1500

    I modified the driver of an installer with the characteristics of X1300-1500.
    You can find it here:
    First, though, you have to uninstall all existing display drivers.

    Tell me if it works
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    Windows 8 & Windows 7 Dual Boot

    so your card works fine in win7 but not in win8?

    If you really want to make this work on win8 may i suggest making your system a dual boot.

    Throw in an extra HD and install Win 8 on it, this way all the hardware is exactly the same as in your Win 7 and the only issue will be drivers..

    Goto properties of your graphics card and update them pointing to where the drivers are actually installed in your Windows 7 drive.
    (the unpacked drivers not the package)

    C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\XXXX (whatever its called)

    I had to do this on this old laptop HP G60 but i dont remember what driver it was, but it works perfectly...

    Dual boot is awesome, practically eliminates any need to do a fresh install when one of the OS crashes, you can use the other to fix it.

    If you really dont want to dual boot then copy the drivers now from your WIN7 driverstore to a flashdrive and use that to load them in 8

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Microsoft Basic Display Adapter
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