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it was working fine while i had windows 7 but since i installed windows 8 it has stop working...
...a little explanation of where the Microsoft basic display adapter came from might help not sure what to do next
To answer your second question first, Windows will install a basic video driver, aptly named the "Microsoft basic display adapter" when it finds a video card in a system that has no driver on the Windows CD, none on Windows Update, and none provided by the user that will work with the current version of Windows and the video card in the system. By doing this, Windows thus allows you to use the system, albeit with very basic video support, until you can provide a more appropriate driver.

so i l assume my graphics card will never work, okay ill stick to windows 8 until i can afford a new graphics card i loving the windows so far, but ill have to pay at expense of pes and fifa thanks all for quick response and windows 8 we still married....