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W 8 will not now light up the monitor

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    W 8 will not now light up the monitor

    Running about 6 mo everything's works well. I accidentally hit an option on a driver updater and the screen went black. The driver came along with other programs. I just wanted to look at it and see if it was worth a couple of bucks. I think if we put it in
    The safe mode I might be able to fix this. I need instructions on how to get to the safe mode then to the control panel the to the device mgr the to the display adapter (?) I think, help

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    Hello billwhit,
    To get to safe mode, go to the start screen, start typing "msconfig", hit enter. As I'm not on my pc, I can't tell you exactly, but there is a checkbox in one of the tabs called safe mode. Check the box and the next time you restart - you will log in safe mode. When you're done, open msconfig in safe mode and uncheck the safe mode box and you will log in the next you restart normally.

    Hope this helps.
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    I don't recall whether it's the same on Windows 8, but on prior versions of Windows, The F8 function key brought up the boot menu that allows booting into safe mode. (It's slightly more awkward with Asus motherborads, where F8 is the one-time boot order hotkey. There, you have to select the normal Windows boot drive, and the quickly press F8 again.)

    You can go into Device Manager/Displaya Adapter if you wish to roll back the driver. Otherwise, just change the display resolution and refresh rate to one supported by your monitor, and reboot into regular Windows.
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    How do I do that seeing a blank screen? May be I can get f8 or shift f8 . But there again how do I change the resolution with being able t o see th e change on screen
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    Quote Originally Posted by billwhit1 View Post
    How do I do that seeing a blank screen? May be I can get f8 or shift f8 . But there again how do I change the resolution with being able t o see th e change on screen
    If you boot into Safe Mode, you shouldn't get a blank screen. The graphics card drivers will not load. The system will run with the generic VGA drivers.

    (I hope.)
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    Great i'm. a little stacked up till to arrow. You would think a retired geazer like me could do as he pleases but! Our pluming will not stop leaking water past the shut of valve. Resolute later
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    I was able to coax the. PC into getting and selecting an operating system. 7 or 8. I [got to 8 ,went to the event viewer and ran everything That had diagnostic attached. Could not go to the ms site for the. instructions. I just took a reasonable guess. I got no were. Then my mouse went out. You can move around without one but it is difficult. Anyway I rAn all the diag and looked in each drive. All my files were there and the looked complete.i could not " run" in that mode so the info could be altered. But it appears like it is the w8 files may be damaged. I have w8 on a cd maybe I could compare dates and lengths, and missing files?

    Ok to a question about w8. It is not for sale yet so no key code or activation codes. Just if you dare load it free. W8 run ok I like the search and file system. I do use the desktop full of icons but I will lean.
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    AArepa there is no little box so I cannot find a box to enter the screen is all black. Occasionally I can go farther when w8 give me the boxes then I can accept or move to the next choice. One time I got all the way to refresh.w8 said it could not fix the failure so that leaves me one less option. I put the w8 cd in but PC would not read it. So W8 can' offer up any solutions or accept much in the way of instructions.
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W 8 will not now light up the monitor
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