Hey all,

Not sure where to post this so thought I would try here.

Ever since I've put together my new PC I have had an issue with my wireless card. Sometimes when I start up my PC the driver doesn't load for it, I can see it in the device manager list but the driver hasn't loaded and when I try to fix it it doesn't work. Restarting my PC fixes this issue. so it hasn't really worried me that much.

But last week I upgraded my GPU and I think the same thing is happening to it, my PC will boot up, I see the BIOS screen, then the loading Windows screen then sometimes my screen will go into standby mode as if there is nothing plugged into it. Restarting the PC will fix this.

I'm running Windows 8, I have tried re installing the OS, getting Windows 7 and Windows 8 drivers for all my components and the problem remains.

My motherboard is a Gigabit Z77 D3H and the graphics card is a Gigabit 260 GTX.

I also thought it might be an issue with heat so I have installed 3 new fans but this hasn't helped.

Anyone had any issues like this or heard of anything like this happening? Any help appreciated.