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Corrupted Bios because of Nvidia graphics drivers?

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    I've ran multiple os's on this laptop, ranging from ubuntu, fedora, moonOS, and various others to windows xp-vista-7, and now 8. None have ever had this problem before, and none of them ever messed with my bios like this :/ Plus, the lack of video graphics drivers sucks too.

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    I figured so. Beyond my technical level so far as BIOS, but would it need upgrading?

    Does screen resolution meet 8 demands, especially for snap?
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    My computer meets all requirements. 1440x900, 17" screen.
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    (i'm aware bios isn't viewable anymore, shame...)
    Do you mean the BIOS screen doesn't appear and therfore you can't enter?

    At this point I'd say to load onother OS back on to make sure the card is OK. I know it's a pain, but since it's a lappy, what other way would there be?
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    I gotta go for a few hours. I'll be back. Hopefully someone else will lQQk in.
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    I'm sorry, I do appreciate the quick responses though! ((:

    I'm running windows 8 right now, it's fine and boots well and all, the bootup screen still has graphical glitches though. I've tried the latest certified and beta drivers for NVIDIA's Geforce series. All of them say I have the incorrect version of windows.
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    Switched back to windows 7, and I have diagnosed the problem. My graphics card is indeed fried. When installing any sort of graphics driver, it stops windows from loading.
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    Random characters in text mode or random colors in graphics mode is a very common indicator or a hardware problem with the graphics card, GPU or graphics memory...
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    My Condolences as well, Jack. Are you able to replace it yourself?

    Thanks for stepping in, FSeal. I know you're far more technically advanced than I.

    Seems to me that's against all odds?! I mean what an awkward time for it to go bad. Overheating problem perhaps? Is the cooling fan working properly? Do you use a cooling pad?

    If not a pad, a suggestion is to use a cake cooling rack or use plastic bottle caps upside down with rubber glued to the bottoms so the laptop feet fit in them. Stops it from sliding while typing. A drop of hot glue instead of the rubber on the caps works well also.
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    Yeah, I'm getting a new computer now, hah, i've never been able to say that until now (:. Anywho, I really appreciate the help everyone!
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Corrupted Bios because of Nvidia graphics drivers?
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