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    heh, system didn't like that, screen went all crazy and kicked the download and restarted ..

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    tested the cable on another system and it works
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    7, 8 whatever

    Quote Originally Posted by Plankowner View Post
    tested the cable on another system and it works
    Use Driver Sweeper in safe mode for NVIDIA graphics files and settings. Reboot and install the download.
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    Rolled my system back to before I loaded Java and re-installed, and updated my driver, think the reason my system didn't like the driver you made available for me cause the 8800 GT doesn't support the Direct 11X .. but both monitors are up and working and updated my NVidia driver.. so we'll see what happens from here... just worried about watching tv at this point .. heh.
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    It doesn't matter how. All that matters is that it works. Good job.

    DX11 is integral to Windows 8. No matter your graphics solution, DirectX 11 is always inherent even though your 8800 does not use its capabilities. In plain English, DX 11 is always shown.

    Enjoy and be sure let us know of any further problems.
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    ok so this morning I wake up my Vizio is off .. I go to the Nvidia Control panel and I see the monitors switched from the way I usually have them set up .. Mon 2 then Mon 1, so the mouse flows between them .. so I switched them back in the NVidia control panel, and it says my settings have been changed, would I like to save, I say yes and then go Personalize and Display...

    Here I have:

    2. Generic Non-PnP Monitor, 1024x768, Landscape, Extend desktop to this display and This is currently your main display.
    (was 2. SDM-P232W, 1920x1080, ... same)

    1. Display device on: VGA, 1024x768, Landscape, Extend desktop to this display
    (was 1. E470VL, 1920x1080, Landscape, Extend desktop to this display)

    and a 3rd one appears, I didn't set up a 3rd monitor at all:

    3. Generic Non-PnP Monitor, 1024x768, Landscape, Disconnect this display far as I know, didn't lose power and yesterday I set the power saving settings to never in case that was causing a disruption
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    Windows 7 had these kind of Resolution problems too no?
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    Still having problems with this...
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    k, so I picked up another cable, just to make sure it wasn't the cable and I still have no signal on the HDTV.. so, with my driver up to date, this problem seems to be occurring after the windows update, if I roll back my system before the update my monitor displays work correctly .. after windows updates I get the above situation.. no signal on the Vizio.. and my other monitor becomes Generic..
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    so put the Win 8 pre-release preview disc back in, plugged my DVI to HDMI in, unplugged the Sony and rebooted .. yes, finally got my HDTV back and recognized .. So I'll give up on having the Sony plugged in also for now, more important to have it on the HDTV.. ..
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Dual Monitors
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