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<>NEED HELP<> Laptop to TV (HDMI)

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    Windows 8 Release Preview

    <>NEED HELP<> Laptop to TV (HDMI)

    I am having some serious problems and have spent over 15 hours trying to find a solution. I have a HP Pavillion dv7 and am running Windows 8 Release Preview. I am trying to broadcast the display from the laptop screen, to my flatscreen via HDMI cable. Before I installed W8RP, I was running Win 7 and all I had to do was plug the HDMI cable in, and the picture would show up on the tv. Now when I do it, nothing shows up at all.

    I have downloaded and installed this driver (AMD Catalyst) but during the installation, the screen turns black but the computer continues to run. I can unplug the HMDI cable while the screen is black, and hear the windows sound that I would normally hear, as if it were working, but the screen never goes back to normal. So I have to force restart and then the screen turns black again right after the Windows welcome/loading screen. Then I have to do a system restore to get the laptop to work again.

    I've also installed the Intel HD graphics for Win 8 too, without any luck. If anyone has any helpful information, I sure would appreciate it. I've spent countless hours trying to figure out a solution to this problem, but nothing seems to be working. I've exhausted all google searches. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    You have been trying for a while so
    this is probably old news...

    Are the resolutions set up the same as in 7?
    Are the displays set to duplicate or extend?
    I am sure you have already checked your graphics advanced options...

    Have you tried testing your flatscreen to be used as your primary monitor?
    Are the resolutions the same as in 7?
    What do you mean broadcast?
    You mean connect with a cable to duplicate or extend?
    Are the resolutions the same between laptop and flatscreen?
    Are you using a new or different driver?
    Are both monitors detected and identified by the graphics options?
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    Windows 8 Release Preview

    By broadcast I just mean to put the computer picture on the tv. I don't understand why I can't get this to work. When I go to device manager, under the display adapters, there is the Intel HD Graphics that seems to be working, and then there is the AMD Radeon HD 6300M that has the yellow "!" and says code 10, the device is not starting properly.

    I've downloaded the AMD W8RP drivers and don't even know where they are supposed to show up after installing. I can get it to where it says that the installation is successful, but it still says the same thing in device manager.
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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    That exclamation says a lot.

    Are you using Intel or AMD?
    You may have to choose.

    Your laptop might have Intel on the board and an AMD graphics addon.
    There is a conflict.

    You said you installed Intel software and AMD software.
    Something has to go.

    I do not know if you installed 7 on your laptop,
    but if you bought it that way,
    it was set up for you.
    Now, you will have to set it up.
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    Windows 7, Windows 8 RP

    Perhaps W8 RP has a bug in the HDMI configuration. My experience with W7 has been like you said, just plug it in and it works, and I have done that with many TVs in hotel rooms for business travel. I would test it myself but my W8 test laptop doesn't have HDMI.
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    I have a Dell laptop with similar problem although not quite as serious, under CP it worked same as Win 7 probably because I did an upgrade when installing Win 8. But RP was a clean install so it doesn't automatically display on TV through HDMI, I have to select "Charm Bar" then Devices and second screen only for some reason I am unable to display on both screens! But at least it works maybe if you select just one driver as mentioned above then you might have to do the above as well.

    If anyone knows how to make it automatic and display on both screens that would be most helpful.
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    Windows 8 RTM

    Same HDMI issue

    I have an HP DV7 also and have the same problem with my AMD 6300m .. I am an MSDN subscriber, so I have windows 8 RTM 64bit running... so this is not a pre release problem. These laptops (at least my model) uses intel chipset for desktop video and AMD 6300m for HDMI... When I try to install the driver from AMD that says it works with windows 8, my screen goes black... I have to do a system restore... I tried compatibility mode for win 7, same results. I work for HP and have a Microsoft rep there... I will ask his advice on who can maybe help... the issue is, is it HP, MS, Or AMD? I will watch this post and report back next week.

    Also, I upgraded from Win 7 Ultimate and the setup told me I had to uninstall the ATI Catalyst drivers or Windows couldn't continue.

    Unfortunately, I work with Windows servers, and have no idea who to talk to about laptop/consumer products
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    Windows 8 RTM

    Spoke to my MS rep today and forwarded him some information... he is going to look into whom can help with this driver issue... I wouldn't expect anything really fast... but he seemed interested enough to ask around MS.
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    Windows 8

    Did you end up finding a solution? I am having the same problem and would love to jump to the solution if it is readily available. (Same laptop and everything)
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    Windows 8 RTM

    Yeah, I am using driver= ATI technologies 8.771.1.0 dated 9-9-2010 for ATI mobility radeon HD 6370... seems like I had to turn off hardware acceleration somewhere, but cannot remember... When I get to work tomorrow, I will check an email I sent to the Microsoft guy with the update and reply to this thread
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<>NEED HELP<> Laptop to TV (HDMI)
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