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GMA600(400MHZ) driver port GMA500(200MHZ) ?

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    GMA600(400MHZ) driver port GMA500(200MHZ) ?

    First of all,it's nice to be on this forum
    Can someone port the GMA 600 drivers to the GMA 500(archos 9)?Or at least overclock?
    They both use PowerVR SGX 535.

    -GMA600 is clocked at 400MHZ and support some newer chips(Z600)
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 600 - Tech
    -GMA500 is clocked at 200MHZ and is used in the archos 9,sony, and other tablets/PC
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500 (GMA 500) - Tech

    Does the igdlh32.INF have to do with anything?
    all the lines seem to be almost exactly the same,just like 3-5 lines are different?idk

    I get the driver selected for this device does not support this version of windows not sure what else to try....

    Not sure if this is too complicated or time consuming,but the ONLY difference seems to be the clock speed.Overclocking isn't too hard on other regular PCs,but is hard for the GMA 500.

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    Overclocking an Intel device would usually be inside the bios or on the motherboard itself. These aren't really Intel devices but PowerVR's so I'm not entirely sure if you can overclock with software. Maybe if you overclocked the FSB then you could.

    Well, here are your driver you wanted. They've been ported for Windows 8 and the GMA 600 driver has the hardware ID's of the GMA 500. You can try them, although they may not work.

    First install the custom certificate installer. Chrome will get a false alarm.
    DropBox Mirror
    MediaFire Mirror

    Next choose which driver you want and install like normal. They've been compressed as a self decompressing zip to save time.

    Modified GMA 500 Driver
    GoogleDrive Mirror

    Modified GMA 600 Driver
    GoogleDrive Mirror
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    I will try them out and get back to you,thanks
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    They crashed my computer,when It was about to finish installing?(GMA 600)
    I got to that point once,but then my installation was messed up so I had to re-instal.
    This time I was able to boot into windows 8,so I got lucky.
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    What's the difference between the GMA 500 and GMA 600,that you can see?
    maybe changing it so It supports the CPUs of the GMA 500 series,on the GMA 600 driver?
    I have no idea how or if it's possible?
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    Different files. The inf is not that all different, but the files used for installation are different. Just use the driver meant for your system.

    Also according to the links you posted, GMA 500 supports directx 10 and pixel shader 4.1

    The crash may be because I removed the BIOS update from the GMA 600 drivers as to not destroy your graphics card.
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    alright thanks for that
    I made a lot of modifications to one of the drivers to get OPEN GL 2.0 and other things working,so now my problems are gone
    switching to Win7 also helped performance wise,i'll wait until the final win 8 is released.

    note:also the Drivers are REALLY badly made,so DirectX10 and other features will most likely never work,as they should.
    I have to rely on custom drivers,which are always a hit or miss.
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    could you also make a better Windows 8 driver for the GMA 600 or something?

    I've heard something about IEMGD drivers or something?!. I've no idea. The problem with the GMA 600 seems, that *all metro stuff* isn't hardware accelerated somehow, and also Windows 8 crashes sometimes.
    Its interesting to see with Windows 8 Media Player i can play 720p and also 1080i videos just fine on my Q550, but when i want to play it in the video app, i can only see one picture every 20 seconds or so.

    It would be really great if you could somehow help me out or so.
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    Have you installed directx? Why not try another media player which is in embedded into a codec pack or even VLC. I personally like CCCP (combined community codec pack) which includes media player classic.

    As for IEMGD drivers, It's basically a build suite which lets you create your own driver. I've done a quick search and found that you can download it here, and I found a guide for a sony vaio P here (just take the info you need). Looking at forums post shows that users were able to have full hardware acceleration in the metro screen. Give it a try.
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    Windows 8

    No i haven't installed directx. I didn't test another media player, because i want the metro one just to work.

    My problem isn't that this video app doesn't work correctly, my problem is that all metro apps seem not to be hardware accelerated. I can't even play 'cut the rope' without getting a 'your pc is slow' screen. Metro is pretty much useless, because the majority doesn't work right.

    I installed the IEMGD packed, and tried it, but for me it didn't work. =/

    Thanks anyway.
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GMA600(400MHZ) driver port GMA500(200MHZ) ?
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