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What is making it so I can't rotate my monitor

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    What is making it so I can't rotate my monitor

    Most likely it would be cool if I could rotate one of my monitors. I know that Windows makes this an option.

    Windows 8.1 version 64 bit. ASUS S200E. Intel Graphics HD 4000

    When I go into the setup, it is not an option:

    It displayed once for something else, but it was greyed out:

    A search online suggested that I could go into the intel monitor options and change it in there, but that selection was not on my screen, either.

    When I searched I found that other people had the same issue with this graphics card, and they were instructed to download the most recent drivers. I did that, and when I tried to install them it said they were not validated on this computer. I looked and found that manufacturers can build their computers so that you can install drivers from them and not from anyone else, and apparently I can only use ASUS drivers and not intel drivers.

    A few individuals suggested using the keyboard commands, ctrl and alt with arrow, but that didn't work either.

    I guess my only option is to completely uninstall the Asus monitor device and reinstall the intel ones? But I'm afraid that if I do that I will not get them installed correctly and won't have a way to get it back.

    A few sites suggested making some registry modifications but I'm not sure if that would work.

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    Is it the same if you try option two of this tutorial?

    Screen Orientation - Change in Windows 8
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    Yeah, it's greyed out there, too.
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    I'm at a loss, there must be a reason it's not letting you, I don't know what that could be though. Sorry, maybe someone else will have something.
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    A few more things I tried that did not work

    I am unable to run a second display in portrait mode (off HD... - Page 3 - HP Support Forum - 1643217

    On another page I found the following instructions,

    Holy crap, I got it to work! I'm not a tech guy, but I've been frustrated with this for a year and a half now so I decided to risk it and went to the registry


    and changed all of the following values from 0 to 1(after backing the registry up)


    I don't know if all of these were necessary but it works now.
    The method described there did not work for this computer.

    The next reply said this:

    I followed ndHP's suggestion about the registers but I also had to change a few more before it worked:


    Display1_EnableIndependentRotation =1
    Display1_IndependentRotation =1
    Display1_PortraitMode =1
    Display1_RotationCaps =1
    Display2_PortraitMode =1
    Display2_RotationCaps =1

    After doing the changes he suggested I was able to see the option for "Orientation" on the windows display settings but I wasn't able to save the changes.

    Then I changed:

    Display1_DisableAsyncFlips = 0 (was 1)
    Display1_RotationCaps = 7
    Display2_RotationCaps = 7

    VICTORY! Thank you all for your help in this area!
    Again, doing that did not work for me.

    Oddly enough, my Display_RotationCaps were 7 to begin with.
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    Checking the Intel options I found this

    Right click > screen resolution > advanced settings > Intel HD Graphics control panel

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What is making it so I can't rotate my monitor
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