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Glowing white area around all text on monitor GTX 970

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    Glowing white area around all text on monitor GTX 970

    This issue is very difficult to reproduce. Screenshots do not show it when I look at them with my other monitor.

    I just replaced my old 1600 x 900 monitor with a new Sceptre television.
    Sceptre U435CVUMC 43 4K Ultra HD 2160p 60Hz LED HDTV 4K x 2K

    My old AMD Radeon 6950 could not do such a high resolution so I got a new GTX 970 graphics card.
    EVGA GTX 970 4GB GDDR5 04G-P4-2972-KR 2DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-E Video Card

    Currently I have a dual monitor setup with both monitors connected to the new graphics card. On the TV, all text has a distinct glowing white border around it. I can see it in Notepad, the title bars of all windows, even the underscore, square, and X buttons at the upper right of all windows have this white glow around them. It's hideous. When I try to screenshot it and bring it over to the other monitor, you can't see it. It's not exactly like a background color is set to white. More like, it clearly conforms to the edges of the letters.

    No it does not just appear on title bars. It also appears in the form I'm typing into right now on this website. I think it's hardware because I can't reproduce it with screenshots.

    I will attach a cell phone photograph.

    Click image for larger version

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    That's processing by the TV, looks like contrast enhancement and/or sharpening.
    Obviously you need to switch that off on PC inputs. It will be a matter of going thru all the TVs menus/settings.
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Glowing white area around all text on monitor GTX 970
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