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Latest Nivida Driver Causing Crashes

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    My Laptop Nvidia driver is 326.60 from Aug 2013 and there are no problems with games.
    Nvidia Experience, which is up to date, says "your Geforce driver is up to date" last checked 10/12/15 with a big tick, I have the latest driver.....

    In preference you should get drivers from the Laptop manufactuer they maybe modded slightly for Laptops. The ones directly from Nvidia may not be good for some Laptops.

    There is no need to keep updating Video drivers, they may fix bugs in games you don't have, or cards which are not yours. If it ain't broke don't try and fix it.

    Stuttering on YouTube videos is usually slow download speed, or you are riddled with Malware.

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    I uninstalled nvidia drivers and its no longer in the device mananger but i dont see any windows or lenovo updates for it
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    And the thing is that I had noissues at all until i updated through geforce experience a few days ago and now even when i Download an older version it has the same effect
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    Ok what is the problem is your computer totally frozen? or games are just slow??

    and look what is your exact video card? for example I have the 755m

    so I go to nvidia page and get the exact 755m driver ..

    now all these people saying go to your manufacturer website maybe forgot that you have a Lenovo.. and the thing they don't know is that Lenovo is terrible at keeping their drivers up-to-date for older type products and they come out with new products all the time..

    also what other people are tending to forget is that nvidia made the specific card inside your laptop (most of the time) and for my example,

    I have nvidia 755m card.. It is a specific card Nvidia makes for Mobile Laptops.. hence the "m" in 755!

    Nvidia makes the latest drivers no matter what motherboard or manufacturer you got your computer from.. In Certain scenarios yes you will have to get the specific driver from your manufacturer but definitely not in this case if you have a very well-sold video card by nvidia that users can buy separate and install in their laptops no matter what manufacturer they have..

    this is the case with my 755m which came preinstalled with my Lenovo laptop..
    try the latest drivers for your very specific card from nvidia.. then try the manufacturer drivers and then if you still have problems image your drive with Macrium Reflect free and then save that to usb or external hard drive.. and then reinstall windows..

    if you still have the problem after reinstalling windows you have a hardware problem..

    and then because you imaged your drive before with macrium reflect you can always just put back your old windows install before any of this..

    the other thing people dont know about Lenovo laptops is that they force lock them in the bios with things like fan speed control and speed control and heat safety...

    your laptop im sure has these like mine and Lenovo locked them down so you can't manually control your fan or your speed of it.. It will automatically slow it self down incase of too much heat.. which also will ruin your gaming experience..
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    Lastly, do not use Gforce experience.. that is a program for people that are completely new to games and don't know what to set.. maybe that is you I dont know but it's something that will change settings for you without you doing it.. and trust me you will want to know what "you" are changing later on when you finally learn how to tweak and get the settings and performance you want out of "your" laptop..
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Latest Nivida Driver Causing Crashes
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