You can have a great video card in your PC, but it will probably outlive its cooling fan by several years.
Well, this has been my own experience anyway.
And then finding a replacement fan for a specific video card is like finding hen's teeth. Good luck!

Well some time ago, I found a better alternative.
I've been saving CPU cooling fans since the 386 days and I've finally found a use for them, as replacement GPU coolers.

Here's a few of my GPU fan fixes:

This was my first fan transplant, on my old Winfast Video Card. It's ten years old and still running Great.

And, my second one, an Nvidea 230 card in my current PC. The tiny little fan was getting really noisy,
so it had to go.

And just yesterday, a Dell Video card that came with NO fan at all, but just one LARGE heatsink.
After just a few minutes of operation, that heatsink would be way too hot to touch. Ouch!
So I wanted to really keep it cool, so I found a fan from an old PC that I had just scrapped out.
A great little fan, with Ball-Bearing motor, moves a lot of air and makes a great cooler for this Dell
video card. The card already had the power socket for a fan, so I used it to connect the fan.

So for me, a failed GPU cooling fan, or no fan at all, is just a small bump in the road, so to speak.

I hope this will inspire some DIY guys to do a quick fix to their own video card, when the fan fails.
It doesn't have to be pretty, but it does have to work.

Happy Holidays!