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Green Vertical Lines

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    Green Vertical Lines

    Hi, I was on my PC and all of a sudden it triggered my Asus Anti-Surge Protect which caused it to lock down( first time ever). I verified on my APC surge protector and noticed all was fine. I rebooted into windows and there was green lines heading down my screen and in Device Manager, under Display Adaptors, all I see is Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I properly removed the drivers in safe mode, did the whole process of rebooting into safe mode again, installing the appropriate drivers, but when I would boot into Windows normal mode, it would show the Catalyst Software installed but under Display Adaptors, I would still only see Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I had uninstalled it, disabled it, then would re-clean and re-install the drivers going through the process countless times but still nothing.

    Also, I have tried the most recent ones, the beta and the old drivers I had before all this happenned and the same with all 3 except that 2-3 times, the PC would lock up while installing the drivers right after the screen flicker during installation. I followed some of the solutions on the other threads and nothing resolved it. In dxdiag and GPU-Z it shows Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I have tested the screen and it works fine.

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    Hi Dookie

    You should go into safe mode, uninstall your gfx drivers, then remove the video card from the pci slots. The lines will probably go away. <3
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    windows 10 and love it

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    Well, since you didn't do your do..... and tell us exactly what computer you have, and exactly what video card you're using,
    you leave us playing "20 Questions" or just guessing! Eh?

    But, you won't believe this, but I'm going to say it anyway.....

    Several years ago, I had an old video card that started throwing lines and colored pixels all over the screen.
    I quickly diagnosed the problem as 'Bad Video RAM' and pulled out the video card.*

    * Also, check the video card for overheating, like if the fan has quit turning. If the fan just quit turning, you won't hear anything but the GPU will crash. (Been there and done that)

    I took that vid card to the kitchen sink and washed it with soap and warm water, using an old toothbrush to scrub the ram chips on the board. Then after a thorough rinse with warm water and a pat dry with a towel, I rinsed it again in Denatured Alcohol, and again patted it dry with a towel and then let it air dry, in the afternoon sun. Later that evening I put that vid card back in my PC and it worked great.
    That was about 10 years ago, and that same vid card is still working today.

    I've done the same thing with DIMM's. (main PC ram). I've salvaged thousands of $'s worth of ram, just by washing the dirt off of it.
    The ONLY ram I've ever had to just throw away, was "Kingston" and "Spectec".

    Good Luck! And Happy Holidays

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Green Vertical Lines
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