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    Quote Originally Posted by Zetlin View Post
    My problem is very similar to Rosterbyte's.

    I have an hp dv6t-quad edition with Radeon HD 7690M. I upgraded to Windows 8 2 days ago, at first I was getting a message after every boot saying that ATI Catalyst Control Center needed to be re-installed. Obviously HP didn't provide new drivers for the graphics card, though I did upgrade the BIOS.

    Anyways I tried uninstalling Catalyst Control Center and installing it again, tried re-installing, the same old drivers, kept getting the same message. Finally I installed the new 12.11(October 23 driver) beta drivers from AMD, now I am able to open CCC but there aren't any options for the graphics card.

    On top of that it seems like Windows 8 doesn't even recognize my graphics card, it says I have an AMD Radeon HD 6700M Series graphics card, again I have the 7690M. Another thing I noticed is that, under the General properties it says this: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)".

    Here are some pictures of my current problem:
    <Edit: deleted from quote for brevity>

    What do I need to do to fix this issue?

    P.S WiDI doesn't work either, but I am mostly concern about the graphics card.

    Thanks for checking in, and for the details you provided on your issue!

    This is EXACTLY what I was referring to in the previous post; notice that it says "Driver Provider: Intel Corporation" in your "Intel Card driver info:" pic (screenshot) above?

    However, your "AMD graphics card driver info:" pic/screenshot says "Driver Provider: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.". The Code (43) is because of the mismatch in driver signers (graphics card driver Providers).

    Also, the Intel HD Graphics 3000 driver above is version, which is the Intel Reference Driver for Windows 8 (a.k.a. "Intel HD Graphics Driver 15.28 for Win7/Win8") from the Intel Download Center. You'll see that in the post above I mentioned that Intel confirms (see the Intel FAQ links there) that this driver does not support Switchable Graphics (or Enduro).

    To fix it should be simple:

    1. Roll back the Intel driver to the HP version, or use the "Have Disk"/"Choose" method to reinstall the HP driver in Device Manager.
    2. If that fails, use the HP SoftPaq for your HP Windows 8 drivers (see the first post) and run Setup.exe. You can then re-apply the AMD Catalyst 12.10 or 12.11 Beta after.
    3. Alternatively, you could install the Intel HD Graphics driver (same Have Disk method) from Leshcat's UnifL (Sep4 PT0.5 or later), like Rosterbyte did - those will also work, and are the newest AMD-signed Intel drivers (but your card may or may not still report the wrong name).

    Once you install an AMD-signed Intel driver, the "Configure Switchable Graphics" menu will return. If you have AMD Catalyst drivers installed properly (it seems like you do), the Code 43 error will disappear and all will be well.

    With respect to the wrong name of the card (6700M instead of 7690M/XT), this is based on what Hardware (PCI) IDs are, as reported by your hardware. Ideally, the driver should be based on the ATI Catalyst PCI Vendor ID (1002) List - see the latest list for details - but your PCI Vendor ID and Device ID matches my 6770M (I've heard that the 7690 is a rebranded 6770 with minor mods), so that is why you are seeing "AMD Radeon HD 6700M Series".

    However, your Subsystem ID is different though - perhaps the HP drivers detect that also, (and is less generic, i.e. 7690M XT as opposed to 6700 Series,) better than the AMD Reference Driver.

    BTW, Intel's latest WiDi release ( requires at least this version (HD Graphics Driver 15.28) as a minimum for Windows 8. This is specified in the Intel Wireless Display software Readme - unfortunately, there is no (known) AMD-signed release of these Intel drivers available as yet. Post on the WiDi FAQ and let me know how it goes.

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    Thank you for you help, I did some tinkering around and installed the drivers supplied at the notebookreview websites(your link in the first post) and somehow this fixed everything, windows now recognizes the right graphics card, and switchable graphics is working like it should.

    Again Thank you! Going to mess around with WiDi next.
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    Hi, I have 6770m + intel 3000. I have installed 12.10 mobility 7900mod from benchmark3d and intel driver version from notebookreview hp driver page and all is working. In device manager I have intel hd 3000( provider: intel corporation) and amd hd 6700m ( provider amd). It is strange that it is works even the providers are not the same :/
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    Hmmm...thanks for the info.

    If it does that would be FANTASTIC, but based on the experiences of Zetlin, kitsune, Rosterbyte, and others (myself included) that hasn't worked out so far.

    Can you provide links, screenshots, details?
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    AMD 12.10 WQHL mobility-7900 mod - AMD Catalyst 12.10 WHQL 7900 MOD BenchmarK3D (i downloaded ULPS off version)
    intel driver - [Drivers] HP dv6-4XXX / dv6-6XXX / dv7-5XXX / dv7-6XXX / ENVY 14-2XXX / ENVY 17-2XXX (INTEL)
    ( under Intel HD Graphics 2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 4000, Current releases)

    I've unistalled everything ( using driver fusion atc.....same steps as always) then I've isntalled AMD driver first, restart and install intel driver

    Here is my device manager
    Click image for larger version

    I from Czech republic, therefore czech language but I suppose it is clear

    Click image for larger version
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    Ah, another 3rd-party modded driver!

    Thanks, I will add it to the appropriate section on the first post.

    Also, I believe the reason that you can have 2 different Driver Providers is because perhaps you are running x86 (32-bit) and not x64 (64-bit)? Windows x64 has driver-signing enforced by default, so you must have the same Provider for both drivers.

    As an aside, I also noticed that Benchmark3D's AMD (official) Catalyst 12.10 WHQL downloads list an AMD Catalyst and an AMD Catalyst Mobility 12.10 download direct from AMD, although I can't find a page on AMD's Support Hub that talks about the Catalyst Mobility driver.

    Time for some more testing...thanks again for the info!
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    BTW, here is the Microsoft article on driver-signature enforcement (also added to the first post).
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    alphastar, I definitely run x64 windows 7 Dont know how it is possible it works, but I'll try to leave it alone and working
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    Most (if not all) 3rd-party drivers override the 64-bit driver signature enforcement, and/or disable the "Test Mode" watermark that results.

    Oh well. Once it works for you!
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    Windows 8, maybe?

    I'm completely at a loss here. HP Envy 17 3070nr, which I believe comes with a 7690M (even though as someone else noted earlier, my Device Manager lists a 6700M).

    Struggled with screen turning off when I first installed Win 8 so I'm trying to update my display drivers. However, any and all Catalyst installers (e.g. 12.10, 12.11, and the previous HP OEM listing I found on Notebook Review) all fail with an error "Failed to load detection driver."

    Any ideas?
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Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ
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