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    windows 8

    I have read through this thread and I cant seem to get mine working at all!

    I have a HP envy with a Intel HD 4000 onboard and a Radeon HD 7670M, win8 64bit

    I purchased my laptop in December and only just found out it has never ran on the Radeon 7670M.

    I have tried updating drivers for Radeon 7670m in device manager. Still dxdiag display shows intel 4000. In catalyst control and Configure switchable graphics all I can do is assign high performance or low performance to .exe files. If I assign high to dxdiag.exe it still does not work. I have tried disabling the on board card and dxdiag then shows microsoft basic display driver and then I get a error message after a while saying AMD drivers are not install or running correctly please install. I have tried uninstalling 76070 from device manager, and uninstalling with the AMD driver installation files. Rebooted, tried installed drivers from AMD and HP and still does not work. It seems to have this switchable function that does not work. Someone on HP forum said to try the older drivers on the HP site. I have done that and still exactly the same issue.

    I have tried installing the Intel drivers as well but still does not work. Another suggestion was to go into BIOS and turn switchable graphics to 'fixed' but I don't have that option. I updated the BIOS from HP site but still have no option to do that in mine. I have tried installing many versions of AMD catalyst as someone who had it said there's shows switchable graphics and then gives them the option for high performance GPU or low performance GPU and shows you your current GPU that is being used but mine only shows options to assign high or low performance to .exe files which if you assign high or low it still uses the on board Intel 4000 card. I have tried different versions of AMD catalyst, drivers and what not and nothing seems to work. Please can someone help me with this.

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    Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit

    Hey Michael apperantly switchable graphics is only activated during times of VERY high stress on your computer. My legit graphics card wasn't activated until I played Skyrim on high settings or was in combat on medium settings... My suggestion would be to run some graphically intensive game or graphics test, and then use the AMD System Moniter Software (it tells you how much your amd card is used).
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    windows 8

    Thank you fur your suggestion but no it is still not being used, I only found out it was running the on board when I played far cry 3 and it was bad quality and slow
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    Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit

    Well did you use the AMD System Moniter Software? Because otherwise you can't tell for sure... Low performance doesn't mean you aren't using your main gpu...
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    Windows 8

    Hi! I need an advice. I own a hp laptop, dv6 3122sl with switchable graphic card ati radeon hd 5470 and intel graphics hd (1st Gen), recently I've decided to upgrade to windows 8. The video drivers provided by hp work but they're dated 2010, and the screen flickers of shutdown, so I was wondering if it's possible to update them, in some way. Can you help me please?

    Edit: Intel Hardware ID
    Hello everybody! Here I am again, with the same problem... Anyone with ati 5470 hd + intel graphics succeded in upgrading video drivers? If yes, how?
    Please answer

    ps I googled further... I tried installing official amd drivers (v13.4) over the official outdated hp ones. It seemed to work, but my pc got stuck 2 times, and then it went in thermal arrest Now I reinstalled the hp (deprecated) drivers. please help.

    edit 03 june
    I think I solved my problem.
    Again my laptop is a dv6 3122sl. I read carefully this page
    [Drivers] HP dv6-3XXX / dv7-4XXX / ENVY 17-1XXX (INTEL)
    and I found
    "AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470 / 5650 / 5850 / 6370M / 6550M
    Important Information
    - Includes the graphics driver, HDMI audio driver, and Catalyst Control Center configuration software.
    - The current release is the most compatible driver available -- it specifically supports HP versions of the Mobility Radeon HD 5470, 5650, 5850, 6370M, and 6550M.
    - Driver packages released by HP additionally include an Intel graphics driver in order to use the built-in switchable graphics technology. This does not apply to the ENVY 17 or ENVY 17 3D.
    - It is strongly recommended that you remove all previous versions of the Mobility Radeon graphics driver prior to installing the newest version.
    - Do not install these if you have an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator / Intel HD Graphics!
    - OPTIONAL: If you want to install the current reference driver provided by AMD, download and install it on top of the HP release. This is done so that the switchable graphics feature can continue to operate properly. Install the reference driver at your own risk! Although the driver is provided by AMD, it is not guaranteed that it will operate normally under all circumstances."
    So I installed amd official drivers (not v12.10, that were reference drivers, but v13.1, that was said to be more stable) over hp drivers (dated 2010), during the installation the screen went black and it said "the driver stopped responding and has recovered", but after that, all went smooth, and finally I'm able to use fastboot without any flicker of the screen. Last note: as reported in several forums, in my case as in many other it's impossible to set the brightness level of the screen directly. I've found a workaround: I switch to intel graphics card, that lets me to lower the brightness level, and then I switch back to the ati radeon, which takes the brightness level chosen before.
    Hope this helps
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    Windows 8 X64

    Hello everyone I own a HP DV6-6b75ca HP Pavilion dv6-6b75ca Entertainment Notebook PC | HP® Support

    I have been using leshcat drivers since my previous frustrations to get the official Windows 8 drivers listed for my model working. Recently I have decided to give it another go since I have some bugs here and there with the leshcat drivers which is to be expected.

    The problem is, even though there are official drivers listed for my model on the HP website (sp59850.exe) when I try to install them there is no option to select the installation of drivers. I am only presented with addons and the like. This leads me to believe that my hardware ID's are not included in this package.

    To further prove this theory, I extracted the sp59850.exe, opened the inf file and ran a search for my hardware ids for both the AMD card (Radeon HD 6490M) and the Intel card (Intel HD 3000 gen 2). The search returned zero results.

    My hardware ID's are as follows:

    Radeon HD 6490M:

    Intel HD 3000 (Second Gen):

    It is beyond me that they would list this package as compatible with my laptop model when they obviously are not. Furthermore, to my knowledge I have found no official package that supports my hardware ID's. This is forcing me to use the leshcat drivers.

    If anyone has any ideas or help as to getting any official packages working with my model that would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    windows 8

    Hi Sir. I have a lenovo g470 with hd6700 ithink. I upgraded to windows 8 But my problem now is i cant use my hd6700. It only uses the intel hd3000 even if i installed a catalyst. Thanks in advance




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    W8.1up1 Pro x64 w/media center

    Well well well, looks like 8.1 is about to hit the street (not the RTM) So maybe were back to driver cryin lolol and a re hash of old posts

    I'm not sure if the "old" HP (or what ever manufacturer) W8 drivers will still work on 8.1, but we'll see, for us HP type with this thing called Radeon 7690M xt the last driver from them was sp59850, which so far has been working on W8.

    So since I will most likely upgrade I'd like to see a new driver too even though it will of course be several versions behind AMD/Intel as usual lol.

    edit Sept 9

    Seems some people are installing the drivers right from AMD and Intel on some of these setups. I'm not sure if this 7690m xt / Intel 3000 switchable setup will work like that, it would be nice if it did, but I won't know until Oct 18th. Only other thing is to see if HP put out another driver for 8.1, or maybe we'll have to install SP59850 in W8 comparability mode, the way some had to install in W7 comparability mode on W8.

    W8 x64 Pro
    2670QM 2.2
    1920x1080 17.3 screen
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    Windows 8

    I've just installed Windows 8.1 on my dual graphics DV6 Laptop with AMD 6770m and Intel HD 3000. The OS updated the drivers but only the HD 3000 worked. Then I tried to install the drivers provided from HP named SP59850. Well it works. The boot time increased, but at least I can use the AMD card. Certainly it's not an optimal choice, but I doubt that HP will have some updated drivers anytime soon.
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    W8.1up1 Pro x64 w/media center

    Quote Originally Posted by tbo2903 View Post
    I've just installed Windows 8.1 on my dual graphics DV6 Laptop with AMD 6770m and Intel HD 3000. The OS updated the drivers but only the HD 3000 worked. Then I tried to install the drivers provided from HP named SP59850. Well it works. The boot time increased, but at least I can use the AMD card. Certainly it's not an optimal choice, but I doubt that HP will have some updated drivers anytime soon.

    Well at least it "works" so that's good to know. at least on your 6770 so it should keep workin on this 7690m xt, since its re branded 6770
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Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ
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