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Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ

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    Windows 7


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    Now this seems to work,, i have hp dv4 too with switchblade gfx-- But This Technologhy Suxx... I am Now at win 7 - HMM

    andyway now am having another problem ,, i can't seem to got Full screen Games,, --

    get Blue secreen error -- above is the screenshoott

    now i know this thread is abt Swith,,,,, But u might help,,, or maybe someone else here is too haveing same proble


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    windows 8

    Hello guys, i'm new at this forum, first of all, thank you for existing and helping people like you do. Sorry for my english, i'm portuguese so i may fail a lot texting.

    I was hoping to get some help from you, i was reading this thread and learned some things, but not enough to solve my problem, i've tried some things with no sucess.

    here's the problem : i have a HP dv6 6190 sp with an AMD Radeon HD 6700M Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.20) and a Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000.

    i have purchased windows 8, big mistake. There is no drivers for these two, so my computer fails hard now... on the AMD Radeon it shows this error ( Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) ) .
    i tried many things, i have formated and reformated the computer, again and again, trying new stuff, but with no sucess.

    If u know how to solve this and waste 2 minutes of ur time on me it would be great.

    sorry for the long text, and again, sorry for my english and thank you.

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    windows 8

    Click image for larger version

    i forgot to post hardware id.
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    Windows 7 64 Bit

    I bet you're getting tired of all of this now!

    Anyway sorry for late reply - lots of issues with other things recently so the old Windows 8 problem had to take a sideline.
    I am embarrassed to tell you that I reinstalled my Windows 7 image before I checked the PCI Hardware IDs so I can't tell you what that "Unknown Device" was.

    Interestingly, I spoke with HP again and they said they now their own driver doesn't work and that I should use ATI's own version.
    Of course, I tried that and this still didn't work.

    What is weird is that I can get the AMD card to work perfectly, it is just the Intel one that isn't recognised. Seemingly everyone else has the problem the other way round!

    Back on Windows 7 again now. Still want Windows 8 to work but I have no further ideas on what to do!
    I even tried to install the Intel drivers directly from their website but oddly enough the install fails with the comment "Your PC doesn't meet the requirements for this driver" despite the fact that I am 100% sure I selected the right one...

    Losing the will to live!!
    Never mind though, Windows 7 still rocks.
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    Windows 8


    New to the forums, but that is the exact same thing my hp is doing, and I tried the same things you did.. Wouldn't be bad if the battery didn't last only 2.5 hours.
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    Windows 8 CP x64


    You still have Windows 7 working with Switchable Graphics, no?

    What are the details for the Intel driver that is working in Win7? What SP is it from, and what dates and versions are on that Intel driver?

    Best chance of success would be to troubleshoot step-by-step from a new install, using the working Win7 install as a starting point.


    Looks like HP SoftPaq SP59850 should contain everything that you need. On a clean Windows 8 install, download and run the file. You might also want to disable your WiFi until you install SP59850 so that Windows Update doesn't install newer drivers.


    I would love to help, but unfortunately these types of errors are often very rare and very specific to your setup. Without expert knowledge (beyond me), Microsoft's explanation for the STOP 0x3B BSOD will not offer any immediate solutions, and the typical troubleshooting process for BSODs (Blue Screens of Death) of this type are usually quite involved.

    In this guy's case, it was Crossfire (cable, i.e. hardware) related - maybe something on these threads will present a possible answer to your question.
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    windows 8

    thank you @alphastar.

    i'm going to format again with windows 8 and install HP SoftPaq SP59850.

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    windows 8

    @alphastar sorry for wasting ur time, but i'm not sure if i should, or should not install the Intel hd Graphics 3000. i installed slimdrivers and it says that i need that driver, but i don't think if i'm going to screw things up again, since now everything is running fine and now, if i press rightclick on desktop it has now the comutable graphic. what do u think ?

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    windows 8

    @alphastar one more thing, i've tried to play games, like league of legends, and im playing at 30 fps, i had 60 when i was with windows 7. Tried Day-z, impossible to play.
    I just download GPU-z so i could know what card i was using, when i installed and opened the program (GPU-Z) it showed a message saying that ' Intel OpenCL driver bug detected, skipping OpenCL detection. Please update your Intel OpenCl driver to re-enable this functionality.'

    i'm starting to believe that windows 7 + hp sould be better for now.
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    I'am glad that last week finally I buy Inspiron 5423. Although the latest driver package ATI and Intel HD both signed by AMD is from early 2012, but works smoothly.
    I need to disable automatic update for driver though.
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Win 8 AMD Switchable Graphics FAQ
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