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Screen Flicker

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    Screen Flicker

    Over past two days noted a flicker on screen, notably in top bar area of FF and in a game, Not constant but there occasionally.

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 750ti on 24 inch iiyama flat screen

    wonders if anyone after recent update applied?

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    Is it the monitor doing something weird? This happened to my neighbor a few weeks ago. It turned out to be a bad monitor. Also, what cord are you using to connect your display to your desktop? (Displayport, VGA, HDMI, etc)
    Is the cord twisted? I doubt it's a twisted cord. Maybe a setting in the game itself or it's just part of the game and you just never noticed it. (Again, I doubt that's the cause too.)

    What's the game you've been playing?
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    No, not monitor, checked settings, all normal. HDMI cable, not a problem? The screen is ok at present, it seems to be after boot up, Not the game, have loads of others. It was in the top coloured band of FF, still experimenting, no more answers as yet.
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Screen Flicker
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