My CPU runs cool enough it seems. But I notice Flash Player and just about everything else uses a lot of it. Also when I toggle the Firefox browser to "use hw accel when available" I can detect no difference. I suspect this GPU is not capable of it. Anyone know for sure? Here's what Speccy shows:

ATI AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics
Manufacturer ATI
Model AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics
GPU Wrestler
Device ID 1002-9809
Subvendor Toshiba (1179)
Current Performance Level Level 0
Voltage 0.863 V
Die Size 59 mm
Transistors 59 M
Release Date Jun 2012
DirectX Support 11.0
GPU Clock 500.0 MHz
Temperature 48 C
Core Voltage 0.863 V
Driver version
ROPs 4
Shaders 80 unified
Memory Type DDR3
Memory 384 MB
Bus Width System
Pixel Fillrate 2.0 GPixels/s
Texture Fillrate 4.0 GTexels/s
Bandwidth 8.5 GB/s
Count of performance levels : 2
Level 1 - "Perf Level 0"
GPU Clock 280 MHz
Memory Clock 533 MHz
Level 2 - "Perf Level 1"
GPU Clock 500 MHz
Memory Clock 533 MHz