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Second monitor suddenly not working?

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    Second monitor suddenly not working?

    I have a dual monitor setup which has worked perfectly for months. Never had a problem. Monitor 1 is connected via VGA while Monitor 2 is connected via DVI.

    So today I woke up, hopped on my desktop and the second monitor wouldn't display anything. The computer can detect the monitor and I can change it's settings. However, the screen is black. I can move my mouse over to the screen and program still appear there, but I can't see anything. In fact, I had to change the projection type to duplicate screens because my browser loads up on Monitor 2.

    Both VGA and DVI cable are both screwed into the desktop and monitors, so it can't be a loose cable. It's plugged into a power source, and the monitor is on and active (power light is green). I just have no idea why it's not displaying anything and it's just a black screen.

    I don't think it's my video/graphics card considering it's still be detected even after unplugging the monitor and plugging it back in and because it's still functional apart from the black screen.

    Does anyone know how I can get this fixed? I've tried unplugging both monitors, turning them on/off, restarting my desktop and it's still a just a black screen.

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    Anyone know?
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    Sounds like the backlight may have died. Can you swap monitors on the inputs, or connect the dead monitor to the other video jack. Or test it on another PC. Or connect the working monitor to the DVI. Anything that will tell you if its the monitor or the video card.
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Second monitor suddenly not working?
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