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Screens go black when loading program on extended desktop

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    Windows 8.1

    Screens go black when loading program on extended desktop

    When I try to load Autodesk Alias while having an external monitor connected to my laptop both the screens go black and I'm left with just the cursor. I then have to do a reset by holding the laptop power button and then turn it on again. This only happens when the desktop is set to extended but when I have it as mirrored desktop the program loads fine. I've installed a new ssd in place off my hdd.

    I wanted to do a fresh install of windows but when I did that I was getting the black screen problem with the external display as above. So I then cloned my existing hdd and then did a windows reset from the windows recovery option hoping that would solve the problem as it worked fine when the hdd was installed, but it didn't.

    I think maybe something is missing, because everything works fine on the HDD but by refreshing windows on the SSD after cloning the HDD something must have been left out?

    Laptop is an Acer 8943g with Amd mobility Radeon 5800 graphics card. I have updated the drivers for the graphics card but still no luck.

    Hope someone can help


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    Windows 8.1

    Im not sure if ive posted this in the correct section, If not could it be moved to the general section?

    Anyone have any ideas about the problem? Thanks
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Screens go black when loading program on extended desktop
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