I don't know why or what... But, my TV's too dim when using VGA from my laptop to my TV via a VGA cable.

Laptop: HP Pavilion DV5-2135DX running Windows 8.1 64-Bit.


TV: Insignia
Model: NS-24D510NA15
TV product page

I was going to take photos with my tablet, but, for some reason it looked fine on my tablet.. So, I didn't take any photos of my current VGA issue/problem.

I also tried downloading and installing my laptop's video driver which still did me no good.

Oddly enough, I couldn't get the issue/problem to replicate on a Linux distro. Booted into it, and it wasn't dark/dim when I was using that OS normally for web browsing, file browsing/sorting, watching video, etc.

Any ideas on what I can here? Or, a diagnosis/symptom of my VGA issue/problem. Any help, ideas or assistance would be appreciated.