Hi Everyone:

So I want to set my Yoga 2 Pro QHD+ (3200x1800) screen to 2560x1440 and am having some issues. windows will let me use for 16:9 3200x1800, 2048x1152, and 1080p. Trying to set a custom resolution in intel control panel gives me an exceeded bandwidth message with the HD 4400. I am using drivers and I have researched the issue but they always seem to point to using the hdmi out for a dual-link dvi display. One person on superuser had a similar question but I don't think it had a solution that worked I could follow. Can't create custom resolution using intel custom mode app in windows 8.1 - Super User

So does anyone know of a regedit to make this work or if my display can not support this resolution since the way the pixels are laid out or something. I think 3200 is to much for this gpu to handle well but love the real estate, and 2560x1440 is I think the sweet spot for 13 inch displays atm. My desktop res is also this resolution so I feel right at home.

Thanks again

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