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[Help] AMD Radeon HD 7000M + Intel 3000 + Windows 8 = omgwtf

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    [Help] AMD Radeon HD 7000M + Intel 3000 + Windows 8 = omgwtf

    I'm aware of the other thread regarding AMD drivers, however, my hardware is just not cooperating.

    I haven't found anyone else with this issue, so I'll try to give as much data as possible:

    Thanks to XDleader555 @ Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000, I was able to get the basic Intel GPU functioning.

    Here is the HWInfo64 showing some of my specs:

    And here is the problematic Device Manager:

    I try to update the driver manually and choose the folder from the latest AMD drivers

    However it just says the drivers are already up to date

    And I get this vague error, and there are thousands of impertinent articles about it, which is why I'm posting on this forum.

    I tried to run the AMD Installer provided by Acer, which resulted in this (ran as W7 compatible, so this is perfectly fine):

    However the installation failed with this error:

    And trying to run AMD Installer for Windows 8 bears no fruit:

    Hopefully someone will be able to assist me.

    Thanks for your time.

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    This website is down at the moment, but should do the trick for you:

    If it doesn't come back online or you need further help with anything, give us a shout again here.
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    It's still down for me, but maybe there is an alternative?

    Is it similar to this website? Intel® Driver Update Utility

    edit: nvm I'll try to Google around for those drivers, thanks alot!

    Hopefully Catalyst_12.3_UP2_UnifL.exe is not lost in the abyss.
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    Still no luck

    Leshcat's version does the same thing as the latest beta drivers from AMD. I don't see a checkbox for driver installation.

    I'm not entirely sure as to what YaD's cleaner and DSE do.
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[Help] AMD Radeon HD 7000M + Intel 3000 + Windows 8 = omgwtf
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