hey all... i have 6 displays hooked up to my 2 gtx 770 4gb cards... yeah i know. 6.... anyway i know that with nvidia screen tear is common on multi displays... they arent even serious but im very perceptive of it and i want to know if you all notice the slightest bit with your multi gpu/displays. just so i can stop being anxious. (dragging windows across desktop) it only does this with certain programs such as firefox and nvidia experience and whatnot. things like office and photoshop are nice and smooth. ANYWAY! let me know guys. and once again thanks for the input! (all monitors are equally 60 hz) there is 1 smaller monitor on the wall i use for diagnostic programs but it still behaves the same with that disconnected. and this isnt like OMG screentearing this is just miniscule small stuff so im just curious if its seen by others on their systems too.