I need a confirmation as I think that BenQ BL3201PT monitor can be connected to a computer that has XFX 7950 DD both via HDMi cable (but that would mean a crappy 30Hz) and via mDP for 60Hz and one computer shop is telling me that my GPU is "incompatible with this monitor". I think that that's bull, but still I'm cashing out on this one and I'd like to be sure as I am currently using a 7 y.o. Samsung SyncMaster 226BW TN panel 1680*1050 monitor and I want something future-proof.
Your thoughts on the screen as well? Note that I am from Croatia and we don't have so many monitors out there that are 4k and IPS (AHVA).
Link included: Designer monitor, CAD monitor, 4K monitor, video editing monitor | BenQ Global
Kind regards