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New built PC freezes and reboots, bugcheck code 0x124

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    windows 8.1 64 bit

    I come with new problems.

    I tried to uninstall my graphics drivers with display driver uninstaller. It worked and I tried reinstalling the 14.12 drivers. I went to the bathroom and came back to my TV showing the no signal screen. I tried rebooting but it still gave me the no signal screen. I brought out my monitor and used an hdmi-vga adapter but could not get signal either. Finally I pulled the gpu out and hooked the motherboard and monitor up with vga and got a display working. I tried updating the drivers again but it crashed with a system thread exception not handled for the atihdwb6.sys file.

    I had a problem with this file causing me to crash when I first installed windows. I eventually reinstalled windows a couple hours later and the problem went away. I tried that again but no dice. I cannot get signal with hdmi and attempting to install the hdmi audio drivers with 14.12 causes my computer to crash with system thread exception not handled. I was able to install the 14.12 drivers by unchecking the hdmi audio driver option with a custom install. Unfortunately I still can not get signal with hdmi. I have been googling the problem(s?) but have not come up with a solution yet. What the heck is wrong?

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    Please get/borrow a new GPU to test. It all smells like a faulty GPU to me. I told you already that I have seen issues like these in the past and the user solved all of his problems by changing to nVidia card.
    atihdwb6.sys is AMD driver: Driver Reference Table - AtihdWB6.sys
    You could test it with FurMark but my guess is everything will be perfectly fine. However if you do test it you have to be careful about the test and monitor it for artifacts and temperatures.
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    windows 8.1 64 bit

    I got hdmi working by dual monitoring with my vga monitor and restarting then pulling the vga cable out.

    I found an old video card but its at my parents house which I may not get to for some time. It is looking like my support ticket with xfx for an RMA will go through faster. We shall see.
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New built PC freezes and reboots, bugcheck code 0x124
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