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Best driver for GT 630M 2GB?

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    Best driver for GT 630M 2GB?

    What is the best driver for my NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 630M 2GB card? I have the newest ones but I read that "newest isn't always best" for older cards.

    I want the best performance without overclocking my card. What is the best driver, do you guys think?

    Thanks! :-)

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    I have GT 730m and have always gone with the latest and no problems. Maybe others have different experience. If you are talking game performance then there are certain games that work better with one driver or the other. Seems to be something that is hard to avoid and gets down to what games you're trying to play.

    Best thing there is go to a Nvidia forum and see what driver works best for a particular game.
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    Just as Popeye says, install the latest driver. The newest drivers have the latest fixes for bugs and other issues. If you are not having any problems with your video card, I would recommend not installing updates. Why fix what isn't broken? It doesn't matter what driver you have though as it will run the card at the same clock rate and will only change frames by maybe 1 or 2 per second if a bug is fixed that lowered frames.

    Furthermore, your card is not that powerful. If you want to play games at decent frames and settings for newer games, you need an x50m (e.g. 850m and up, 750m and up.)

    These site are a guide for what cards you want and benchmarks.
    GeForce GT 650M vs 630M My card (650m) VS your Card (630m)

    EDIT: I would also like to add that video ram, as in a 1, 2, or 3 GB video card, doesn't mean that the card will perform well. You can have a 2 GB video card and get terrible frames. Pay attention to the number of Pipelines, Shaders, Core speed, Shader Speed, and ALWAYS check the benchmarks for the games you want to play on sites suck as and

    EDIT AGAIN: Always stick with Nvidia as they have the highest support for games than an AMD video processor. I am not an Intel/Nvidia fanboy, but I just stick with Intel and Nvidia on laptops as they have the highest support. For a desktop, I would personally buy an AMD as they are WAY cheaper than an Intel chip, and I'd go with Nvidia graphics, just because of support.
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    It's up to you to test Video Card Drivers on your system, it does not suddenly make anything perform faster having a latest Graphics Card driver. A latest driver may correct some bugs but equally may introduce new ones, swings and roundabouts.

    I used to test a previous Graphics Card with many drivers (Nvidia) and know that is the case, the 1%-2% variation was of the same order as the accuracy of the measurement. It was more a question of which Graphics Driver had the least number of acceptable bugs in the visuals in the games I played.

    In short, we can't tell you. Do your own tests, make your comparisons with Driver versions and then you learn which Driver to choose.
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Best driver for GT 630M 2GB?
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