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Monitor Wake After Sleep

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    Monitor Wake After Sleep

    Relatively minor issue, but annoying. I have my computer set to shut off my monitors (2xDell U2412M) after 20 minutes of inactivity. Which it does, except that then they immediately turn back on and only on the second 20 minute interval do they actually stay off.

    Both are connected by DVI to a Radeon R9 270 video card. The same monitors and cables I was using on a previous system with a GeForce 550 Ti without this issue.

    I've tried updating the Catalyst drivers, scouring the Catalyst and Windows settings looking for anything that might explain this. Initially the "Alternate DVI operation mode" was checked in the Catalyst drivers, so I undid that for both displays, no change. Not using GPU image scaling, monitors are at their native resolution, I'm dubious that it's some kind of program activity since they shut off and stay off the second time around and I haven't been using my computer in all that time. This is on an 8.1 system with all the latest patches as of today. Everything looks perfect, no graphical distortions or artifacts, and 1920x1200 is easily within the reach of DVI. So I've got nothing when it comes to explaining why this is happening, but maybe someone else out there does.

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    Did you check in the monitor's menu if it has some of it's own power saving features. ? I had similar problems with one of my monitors, turning it off helped.
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    Sadly nothing there, but on a bit of a lark and because worst case it basically does nothing, I manually set each one to the DVI input instead of an auto-select. Highly doubt that'll do anything, but there's at least some plausible logic to it just being some minor communication problem between the monitors and video card where when the signal gets cut they start searching for another input. Admittedly it's firmly into the grasping at straws territory, but as I already said, worst case scenario is it doesn't change anything.
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Monitor Wake After Sleep
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