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Bad display quality on externel screen / Thinkpad Yoga S1

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    Bad display quality on externel screen / Thinkpad Yoga S1

    Dear community,

    maybe you can help. I just made aquisition of a thinkpad yoga S1 (DXdiag here attached) DxDiag TP-Yoga S1.txt

    I am very happy with it, except when I want to use an external display with the mini-HDMI-VGA dongle delivered by Lenovo:

    The extended desktop on this external display is quite bad quality. This is happening on different external monitors which are very good when attached to my other computer.

    What problem can it be? Graphic card? Dongle? driver?

    Thank you in advance for any advice.


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    I'd say the dongle is where you want to start. Have Lenovo send you a new one. You've already demonstrated that it's not the monitor, so that leaves items supplied by Lenovo and you'll have a significantly easier time getting them to agree to send you a dongle that probably costs them very little to produce compared to anything else. Plus it's easier for you to test and the most likely scenario to fix your issue. If there were something wrong with the GPU on the unit, you'd expect it to affect the internal display as well as external and do so equally/uniformly. The driver idea is possible, but highly unlikely, but if there's an updated driver and you want to install it while waiting for a new dongle to show up, knock yourself out.
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    ty asvent for your quick reply. I have ordered a min-hdmi - hdmi cable and will try this way.

    Can it be that my graphich card is too weak for 2 displays with 1920*1080 resolution?
    When I mean bad quality it means that the text displayed is quite blurred.

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    No. I haven't looked at the specs for the thing, but even assuming it's using the IGP on the Intel CPU, it'll be more than capable of driving a second display at 1080p.

    First I'd try the new dongle and my guess is it will be like a stark comparison in quality, problem solved. But if not then it would be time to consider that there's something wrong with the hardware on the unit itself. Passive conversion from HDMI to VGA is generally something you'd only want to do if you had absolutely no other choice.
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Bad display quality on externel screen / Thinkpad Yoga S1
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