I'm running Dell Precision M4800 with Intel HD 4600 and nVidia Quadro K2100M. The system in Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. Just to avoid pointing at one of the most reasonable solutions - yes, I've installed Intel graphics driver BEFORE nVidia one.

I'm experiencing a strange behavior at Windows logon. The thing is that the logon screen loads, then the screen goes blank for ca. 1 second and the logon screen returns. After I input my login credentials and my desktop is being loaded, the same happens - the desktop loads, then the screen goes blank for ca. 1 second and my desktop returns. There are no more problems of this nature when using the computer - it happens on longon only.

My guess is that graphics cards are "fighting" for taking care of the display at the logon. However, it seems unreasonable for me as I would expect explorer always to be handled by the build-in Intel graphics.

It's not a HUGE problem but as it happens every time I log in is a annoying and I'd like to get rid of this "feature" if possible. Can anyone come up with a possible solution on what setting may be adjusted to avoid this problem? Many thanks in advance!