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Only Detects Intel 4600 Not Nvidia GPU - NEW PC

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    It looks like a low profile case with full size cards mounted at a 45 degree angle? That means there is a riser card in there. At least that's what it looks like to me. If it's already boxed up you may as well send it back

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    Yeah it's the Zeus Mini i300 from CyperpowerPC. It's a smaller case than normal and the GTX 750 is mounted at the top rather than the bottom. The GPU isn't big in terms of width but it is quite long and I can peek through the case and see it sticking out. I can actually touch it a bit through the case where there is a small opening near the back.

    I truly hope they can easily fix this and I do not have to return it. If I do, I'll try again, re-ordering the same model. If the same thing happens to the next one upon shipping, that's that. Returning it and not going to bother again. If it happens twice, it's obviously an issue with the manufacturer. Though they seem very highly recommended and the way to go if you do not want to build your own PC.

    I really do appreciate all the replies since I am at a loss and never had this happen before.
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    I realized what the problem likely is... The video card connects to the motherboards PCI-e x16 slot via a PCI-e x16 riser/ribbon cable. This likely came loose and is why the GTX 750 wasn't being detected.

    Regardless, I returned the PC today at Best Buy. Got a full refund, even for the shipping. Ordered this one online:
    CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXi680 Gaming PC (Intel Core i5/2TB/8GB/NVIDIA Geforce GTX750 1GB)-English : Everyday Computing - Best Buy Canada

    Near identical specs but $10 more. Full-sized case, 2 TB HDD instead of 1 and the CPU is 3.3 GHz instead of 3.2. Not that it will be a big difference. I feel much better about this one as it's a full-sized case so easier to upgrade and it should't have the ribbon issue.
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Only Detects Intel 4600 Not Nvidia GPU - NEW PC
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