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Updated to Windows 8.1, screen stuck in letter box

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    Windows 8.1

    Updated to Windows 8.1, screen stuck in letter box

    To my own stupidity I decided to update my computer from Windows 8 to 8.1, every thing would be fine if not for the fact that my screen is now stuck as a letterbox.

    The native for my monitor is 1920-1080 and was what I was running at pre-update, after restarting, my screen is confined to a letterbox setting. Changing the resolution does nothing, when looking for a solution I came across a post from this thread:

    8.1 upgrade generic video driver problem

    I've got the same graphics card as the OP and have found the same events. My question is what did he mean when he said

    "I deleted the AMD leaf-item (Control Panel, Display adapters, AMD Radeon HD 7650D)
    and rebooted the system." in post 3.

    Did he go ahead and un-install it? Clarification on what he exactly done would be great.

    btw, if I did go ahead and un-install my graphics card like the OP originally suggested, would it reinstall on restart?

    Thanks for any replies and sorry if I sound clue less

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    Download this driver: Legacy , it should work properly, MS drivers are just generic ones that may not let you set everything the way full driver would.
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    Windows 8.1

    I tried what you said, I had a error message with some thing to do with automatic "detecting" failing during installation so instead I removed my AMD drivers and AMD catalyst for a fresh install.

    Done what this guide said, How To: Remove Your AMD / ATi GPU Drivers

    After the reboot, I reinstalled the drivers and then the Legacy version, with no error this time round. After another reboot I was still stuck in the letterbox state.

    Managed to do a work around.

    Right click on desktop, go to personalise, on bottom left click display. Adjust it to larger and apply changes, then open up AMD catalyst Under "Digital Flat-Screen" there should be a sub menu called Scaling options, adjust "overscan" to 0%, click apply then go back to display and set it to small again. Job done \(^^,)/

    I'm not sure if I could have done that straight away or the combination of a fresh install of both the normal and legacy drives was required. Either way my screen resolution is back to normal, thank you for the help provided, I've learnt a lot from this
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    AMD Vision Engine Control Center should have all those settings too. GPU drivers tend to make initial settings according to data sent by monitor and that I found out to be pretty hit and miss affair so you have to set it manually. In AMD ECC, there is setting for monitors to "Use EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) which should tell driver what native monitor frequencies and resolutions are for initial setup, so, if it doesn't recognizes it properly, all kinds of problems may ensue.
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Updated to Windows 8.1, screen stuck in letter box
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