Okay so hi,

I've been having a strange problem recently, one of my monitors died a few days ago. Now I had to switch to my TV as a display screen which sucks however, no matter what I do, even in low resolution boot I cannot for the life of me get a screen after the login on windows 8.1, the display just dissapears.

I can acess safe mode and fiddle around just fine on that. But switching to normal boot, without low resolution boot, I can't even see the screen after the windows logo. Now im wondering what's going on cause I'm having to use my second hdd to boot up which is using windows 7 32bit. And it doesn't really cut it for me anymore as I'm needing the extra memory. So is there any way out of this without resorting to another monitor?

A little info about the monitor im currently using. It's a 1080p 42" screen, using hdmi on my 280x graphics card. I was using a simple vga monitor previously which ran at 1400x900 which my tv doesn't support. I have tried booting using a vga but same results. So im kinda clueless at this point