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External monitor wont work to fix blank screen HP envy

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    External monitor wont work to fix blank screen HP envy

    The screen on my new laptop has gone blank on starting up, it shows nothing, i tried a hard reset which didn't fix. The external monitor won't display anything.
    It's a HP envy 15-j112tx running windows 8. With a hdmi connection i tried to connect to an external monitor. The monitor was previously using vga to a desktop, i unplugged that and connected my dvi cable to the dvi port. The monitor says check video connection then goes to sleep. I connected the cables with the laptop turned off and again with the laptop already on. The monitor still says check video connection. The connection is secure, it is a new cord. I pressed the F4 button to switch between screens and waited inbetween presses but still nothing.

    It is still under warranty. I disabled the nvidia graphics card a few days ago to try n save on power usage, as it also has an intel graphics card. It has worked fine for a few days since i did that.
    Now that i've powered it on/off about 5 times the hard drive stops whirring after about a minute, yet the power button light remains on. It no longer turns off when i hold power for even a minute. I dont want to kill the thing.

    Can anyone help me, i can't find an answer in previous threads.

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    I have the same issue on my Envy-1130LA, white screen after power up and the external monitor doesn't work.

    I bought a new flex cable to test if it works.

    Are you already repaired your laptop? Please share your experience.
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    If an external display doesn't work it means the GPU is the failure point and you're looking at a motherboard replacement, so hopefully the unit is under warranty.
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External monitor wont work to fix blank screen HP envy
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