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Having issues w/ Triple Monitor Setup (DisplayPort issue?)

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    Having issues w/ Triple Monitor Setup (DisplayPort issue?)

    Hey All,

    So I'm running 2xR9 290X (crossfire) with 3xQnix Qx2710 monitors. One of the qnix monitors was purchased with HDMI/DisplayPort connectors along with the usual DVI connector (normally these monitors only come with the D-DVI input)

    I had a 2 monitor (with just the two DVI-only monitors) setup for a while that was working fine.

    Since installing the third monitor I'm experiencing several weird things:

    - On boot, until the Windows login screen comes up (Windows 8.1), there is nothing on the non-primary DVI monitor (so my setup is my primary monitor is one of the two DVI monitors, and then the left and right monitors is another DVI-only and the DP monitor).

    - If the monitors go to sleep, or I put the computer to sleep and wake it up, any windows that were on the non-primary DVI monitor are moved over to the primary DVI monitor. Windows on the DP monitor do not move in this configuration.

    - WIthin CCC, after sleep / monitors off, I have to restart CCC's control of the color settings for the non-primary DVI monitor. (I'm forgetting what the actual button says, but it's the button under the Display color controls settings where you can manipulate the R/G/B channels - I have to use the GPU for color matching since the monitors don't have any inherent ways to change R/G/B levels

    If I only connect the two DVI monitors this is not an issue.

    If I connect one DVI and the DP monitor, after sleep/wake any windows that were on the DP monitor are moved over to the primary monitor (again, note that this didn't happen when all 3 monitors were connected).

    I have tried the newest version of CCC, as well as the current beta version - same behavior in both.

    I have tried using HDMI instead of DP - same behavior

    Aspects of this sound similar to the issues discussed in this post:

    What I don't understand is why the second DVI monitor is acting so oddly when all 3 monitors are connected. Why would there be no picture when the computer boots?

    Any input would be appreciated


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    I run a triple monitor setup on my desktop PC. 2 DVI and one HDMI on my GT 640. The one using HDMI goes as follows Mini HDMI on video card to normal HDMI to HDMI to DVI adapter. What I notice is regardless of which monitor is set as primary my BIOS POST screen and the initial Windows Boot screen always shows on the same monitor on one of the DVI ports. The video card determines what monitor the POST screen shows on. For me it depends on how many monitors I have plugged in and what ports they use. I have never seen it where it didn't show. The logon screen then shows on my Primary monitor. I don't use sleep or hibernate so I can't help you with that. Why you don't see your POST screen I don't know, I have seen other people report the same thing though. I don't remember if they found out why though.
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Having issues w/ Triple Monitor Setup (DisplayPort issue?)
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